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2* Knavish bugged

Only targets one enemy, not all.


The 4* Voltknapper shows the wrong image for the second ability

its worse than just showing the wrong icon (it actually increases all foes damage by the given percentage for 4 turns rather than decreasing it)

Thanks for reporting this to us, Vikings! Our team have been notified.

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The 1* Underwood volt doesn’t target everyone either. Just a singular target despite the description of “all foes.”


The 4-star Voltknapper Fafnir’s ability is not working correctly on my device. Instead of reducing the foe’s attack by 32%, it gives them an attack boost of 32%.

See the screenshots below.
image image

Hey @Eric_Hubdud , our team has been informed about this issue. Thanks! :smiley:

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The dragon only attacks one foe instead of all foes.

Maybe an update on this issue would be helpful @Ned? Please :slightly_smiling_face:

With the addition of the quest bonus levels, a lot of us are figuring out how and which 2-star dragons to level up, and it’s a genuine problem when the best green option doesn’t perform as promised