2 legendary, only 1 attempt at 200


So unfair. 2 miles from ALB if there are local adventurers


Even with full drone battery it was hard. Managed only 36. Bullseye flapping everywhere all over the screen. Pretty neat though. First legendary I ever seen in the wild.


To be fair, most of us already had this dino unlocked before todays event, due to the massive amounts of Alanqa DNA that has been available through the strike towers all week long.


Believe it or not I’ve got 500 alanqa dna and I’m short on anky :joy:


Lol I was scared to dart knowing I just had 1 attempt, only managed to get 80 DNA but that was enough to level her up to 19 not sure if it’s worth the coins tho so I won’t for now till I see how others do with her.


Mine escaped after only 4 darts. Lucky I already had it unlocked or I prolly woild have canceled vip and uninstalled. I am sick to death of this broken mechanic.