2 local sanctuaries shared in 2 separate cities

How does this happen? In my alliance there are 2 of us sharing a sanctuary that appears to be local to both of us yet we are miles apart in different states!

You can share sanctuaries between your alliance members.

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Are you saying both of you are able to see the sanctuary physically on the map in your respective hometowns?

Umm yes🤗
3 words more

yes we can both see them and walk to them

Any way you 2 can share some screenshots as proof?

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I don’t think the other alliance member even comes here unless they are under another name. If they see the thread I am willing to show screenshots if they are also willing!

Yes I am so curious about this too. So interesting :slight_smile:

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I’ve been wondering if all these sanctuaries were separate pieces of data, or just copy and pasted to different areas of the world. I guess that would save space in the game’s software?

It’s possible that sanctuaries with specific id’s exist on multiple spots in the world, though the odds of someone in the same alliance finding it is very low. I don’t really get it, there might be another reason.

It makes sense from a developer standpoint… there is what millions of sanctuaries on the map… 10s of millions… maybe more. And roughly 300k players to fill them. If anything reducing the amount of actual sanctuary ids would have the benefits of reducing server storage and making the world feel less empty/lonely.

Sanctuaries, just like supply drops and dinos, are generated by Googles playable points. They don’t need any server storage as long as nothing is in it.

The algorithm that would assign the playable point would most like generate the ‘id’ when creating the sanctuary and thus that id would be saved somewhere… its a small insignificant number. But is there really any benefit to having such a large number of unused sanctuaries on the map. Ive never seen a sanctuary that had dinos in it that werent mine on the map.

I have. Dozens actually.
I don’t see why it needs an id if it’s not used.

I always just assume it was done in the most inefficient way possible.


I see a lot of sanctuaries that got a level or 3 up but are empty. Like a new player put something in, fip’d a couple times then never re-used it. I find a few of them with only one player using them, usually low level stuff.

Perhaps, it’s Ludia after all :wink:

If I really try while driving around for an hour, I can probably find as much as 10 active sanctuaries in my city alone. But probably at least 50 times as many inactive ones. They don’t need an id if you ask me.