2 minutes between creature spawns with scent capsules


Has anyone else used them? What did you get? At what intervals did the dinos spawn?

I’ve noticed every 2 minutes a new dino will spawn. Launched a rare capsule yesterday (20 min) and got 4 commons 2 epics and 4 rares. Today I launched a common capsule (5 min) and on the dot every 2 minutes a new dino would appear. Was able to attract 2 commons and 1 epic. My wife wasn’t so lucky with her rare capsule.


On a side note if the 2 minutes spawn time is correct it makes the 5 minutes capsule a little useless. Make it 20 and your good.


They come in a pack of 5 so that makes it 25 mintues which is not bad.


Did the common one. Got 3 spawns. Anklycodon rare and Euplo twice.

They fill up a few minutes of my time when I’m stationary and are free. No complaints here.


Not complaining either just wanted to see what everyone else got. Forgot the commons came in a pack of 5. Inventory only holds two where to the other 3 go?


The limit of 2 is purely based on SD’s after that you can;t hold more from SD’s. Shop bought ones do go over your limit, I currently have 26 normal ones.


Also my last Normal one gave me Koolosuchus(Epic) I was actually surprised.