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2 months without an update?

When can we expect version 1.12?

2 months is normal, the last ones that weren’t


Hopefully in February.

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updates usually take a while to come out. 1.10 was a mini one between 1.9 and 1.11, so the time between the three was shorter than normal.
And seeing how there hasn’t been any hype or teaser images, could be another 1-2 months before we get anything.

Every 2 months with teasers on FB and Twitter coming between 1-2 weeks before the release notes, which is usually the Friday before the arena season ends with the update the next week (usually first week of the month if there isn’t a holiday).

The longest gap was 1.6 (alliance missions) to 1.7 (boosts 1.0) last year February to May (3 months) but that was because it got pushed back a lot to fix bugs before release. (Even then it was nearly unplayable in the arena until they did a fix in mid-May)

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Based on that, next Friday would be 2 weeks before the last Friday before the season ends. If we don’t get a hint of anything in the next 2 weeks it is unlikely coming in February, unless 1.12 is another smaller one like 1.10.

i would rather them work on these new bugs that have came since the last update and patch them instead of them rushing an update out.


No words as to the results of the balance survey for the next update? Or did they just make it crash so much so they can both tell everyone they gave us a survey and disregard it do to most not being able to complete it. Cannot wait to see the rat nerfed completely to hell. Sure it got a good blow last time but I want to see it used less than Tuora lol

You wouldn’t think a Rat would a defined the meta in a dinosaur game would you lol, then again with the death of the dinosaurs mammals like rat like rodents actually began to dominate, now we have humans, descents of rats, using rats to fight dinosaurs lol, it’s like the players were getting payback for our tiny mammal ancestors who weren’t able to evolve probably due to dinosaur dominance.

And the only dinosaurs left, birds and chickens we either keep in cages as pets or eaten lol.

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Imagine the rat with some chicken weaknesses. Some things being immune to swap in moves or regenerate only working 75% of the time lol

I would like to see this new move:
Swap-In Swap-Out

Rat swaps into the match, and then instantly swaps back out, doing zero damage in the process lol

but still taking the hit from the other dino

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And it makes a loud squeak when it gets hit lol



To balance it out, it can now only kill 40% of life on earth


Looks like it’s right, seems to be February for 1.12.

I see far fewer rats now and most of the time they are not nearly as devastating to the matches as they used to be.

The dinosaurs I see most now are Indoraptor 2, Indoraptor, Superboosted Thor’s, and Ardentis. Some of these are far more dangerous than the surprise rat attack,

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Titanoboa! Looks to be cool! Hope it has some damage over time construction power that weakens opponents each turn while strengthening it, with a really high HP!!! Construction moveset?!

@Ned Ludia really should focus on bug fixes first before dealing with expansion of the game. The unlimited attempts on the green boxes, green boxes without a dino underneath them, friendly matches that do not work, etc.


I agree with you all the way, please Ludia, if you don’t want to add new creatures or hybrids next patch, you don’t have to… JUST PLEASE FIX THE BUGS ALREADY! :pleading_face: