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2 months without an update?

Unpopular opinion I love big flashy updates with new hybrids and creatures and features.

Yes bugs are annoying and a huge issue but I’ve never been positively or negatively impact on such a huge scale that it overrides flashy update hype.

Giant snek! what more can you ask for?
(Ark Survival Evolved’s snake is not what i had in mind. that one is not a true titanoboa because of the frills and poison)

(i would love to have that coloration as an optional skin in game. pay for it too)


I’ll pass the feedback to our team, Mitthunder. :slight_smile:

Please rest assured that our team works on updates alongside bug fixes, as well.

Ok now I really want a Dilophosaurus and titanoboa Hybrid.

Yeah but the Dilo didnt have frills either :P, and there is no way of knowing from bone alone if something had poison :slight_smile:

But yes Titanboa wouldnt have been poisonous as it didnt need to be, crushing would suffice lol.

Also I HATE going into the swamp in Ark, its like a place you go to die lol

aren’t the fangs of venomous snakes hollow?

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And just like that you totally invalidate my argument hahah

And I call myself an Aussie, for shame, the snakes will indeed kill me tonight for this :slight_smile:

Crap updates recently

Thanks for your inspiring comment.


We got the worst case option. It is so bad I thought about it but never wanted to even type it. They made the survey cash so much that they can say whatever they want to say or maybe it only crashed on players that selected options that Ludia did not like. Pick the “right” answers and the survey completes pick the “wrong” ones and it crashes

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