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2 new dinosaurs coming soon


In case anyone reading this isn’t aware, the information is on But, on Halloween week, there is going to be a special event, and two new dinosaurs are going to be available during that event. The new dinosaurs are Scolosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus. Anyone else excited for that?


Where did you read this?


Nope because im in china for that week😞
I wont have access to 4g so will wholly depend on hotel wifi.
Wonder if dinos will spawn while im flying?


We will see if this actually happens!


This is the link. i found this out from one of Pocemon’s videos.


Dont think this game is released in China. Feel sorry for you.


I saw their articles, the one you post said they found 2 new dinos, another said they found some Halloween event info.

But I think they didn’t said these dinos will released in Halloween?:thinking:

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I should be able to play it using a VPN though


Like @Tarbosaurus said, its just information in the files regarding two new dinosaurs that may be added to the game at some point. There’s nothing there to say that they will be released with any particular timeframe or event. Heck, they could just be placeholder files at this point and getting set up to be released with 1.5. On the other hand, there is still a chance that they could be released soon…we just have no idea at this point.


I will be craving to know if JWA works as well in China. May you see sinoceratop everyday


You guys are right, but either way, it’s still cool. I’ve sent emails to Ludia about dinosaur suggestions for the game, and the Pachycephalosaurus was one of them, and they assured me that they were going to do something with a few of them, particularly the pachy.


I will keep you updated😂 i may even get a sim card across there ,but i will wait and see how much free time i get to go exploring as im going to be doing a lot of travelling.


That is something i’m very curious about, because certain dinosaurs have been discovered in specific locations around the world, i’m always curious if dinosaurs are most common in those places. Like is sinoceratops more common in China, is Utahraptor more common in Utah, and is Baryonyx more common in England? That’d be interesting to test out by travelling. Like i have noticed that all of the towns i’ve been to since downloading the game, have that one dinosaur that is always everywhere.


Yeah let us know man.


I will make a topic about it once i am away😁


This game seems released in Hong Kong, but not available in China.
Because they blocked GOOGLE MAP.

As a game based on google map data, if it couldn’t show map data, also dinosaurs won’t spawn.
Use VPN couldn’t solve this problem.

Hope I am wrong.

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Yes, I subscribed! :yum:

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I just hope Pachycephalosaurus won’t be Stigmoloch Hybrid


I can tell you that Utahraptor is very common in Catalonia !! After having used enough of his DNA to carry the Spinotahraptor at level 20 I still have 8528 DNA left over. In fact, I see more Utahraptor than some common creatures … instead we do not see a Sinoceratops nor for our birthday, LOL. The Sinoceratops is just at level 15 with almost no DNA left over for its two hybrids. With the Baryonix it is even worse. In 3 months I remember seeing two or three Sinoceratops but I do not remember seeing any Baryionix, maybe one … and it’s supposed to be global.


i don’t know why, but lately this game has been really generous with me about Sinoceratops. Just last week on my ride home from college, i literally found three sinoceratops and i managed to get all of them, it was crazy. But i now have my utahsinoraptor at level 17, and i might create the allosinosaurus, because i like how it looks, and i’ve got enough sino to spare.