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2 new (fan made) hybrids approach... (not official)

Alarm! 2 new dinosaurs have gone near me. I’ve seen them and studied them, with the help of scientists, I found out what they were. And everything about them.

The first one is a raptor covered in tough armour. It looks like it was made from deltas dna and ankylocodon. These were it’s stats:

Ankylocoraptor (Epic)

3200 Health
1400 Attack
131 Speed
20% Armour
5% Crit. Chance

Definite Strike
Defence Shattering Impact
Impact And Run
(Swap In Slow)

The second one was a pterosaur, it was black and gold, kinda like Indoraptor. It was made from scaphognathus and dimodactylus. Stats are:

Scaphodactyl (Legendary)

3600 Health
1000 Attack
129 Speed
0% Armour
5% Crit Chance

Long Shielding Strike
Lethal Swoop
Instant Pinning Strike
Regenerate And Run
(Swap In Wound)

Overall… I would like to see these new hybrids become official dinos in the game… they would be cool…


Sorry that the raptor is OP lol

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Thanks, now the image of a Velocikylodon shall haunt my nightmares tonight.


Ankylocoraptor* good. It’s acknowledged. Now tell the devs to G E T T O W O R K!

Ankylocoraptor too fast, too much hp, good kit, but a counter from nowhere? xdx

Wait… whoops… I put it in because well… I wanted it to still have slow, but I changed it to swap in slow.