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2 New Gyrosphere Types

Next week,there will be 2 new gyrosphere battle events,one that rewards a Jurassic Park Tour Victory Pack(3 cards are DNA or Dino Bucks,1 of them is a T Rex). The other one rewards a pack which has chances of giving you a Limnoscelis,Alangasaurus,Tapejara,Ostafrikasaurus,T Rex. As a early game player,is it worth it? It really depends on how difficult it is,Gyrospheres are often very hard. Not to forget mentioning the cost,I wish the older draft battles which rewarded multiple of a particular pack and gave fresh new creatures each time were still prevalent.

It will depend on the cost. At 250DB, likely no.

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The first gyrosphere has a 52% chance to win a Limnoscelsis…ha, ha, ha.
The second one with the guaranteed T Rex depends on the amount of dino bucks that we have to spend.

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Yeah, and keep in mind, you can always pay DNA for the T-rex. Unless you are super DNA strapped and DB rich… that is of limited value.

Or if it costs very little, it could be good trade value.

How many legendaries of one type can you trade at once in a custom trade for DB?

I would love a t Rex,but the draft battles are too hard .

Not many. For Super-rares, you can trade 5 at a time. I would guess you could trade 1.


@Timmah, I actually did a bit of investigation using my custom trades today. You can trade 2 Tournament Legendaries. If you are able to trade more than one creature, you can safely back out of it. However, if you can only trade 1 creature, you cannot back out. I lost a custom trade this way. I tried to see how many Tournament Legendary Hybrids you could trade and it went straight to the trade offer. After the fact, I realized that the test is inconclusive because I only had one creature to offer.


Thanks for looking into this. Now we just need it to be cheap, like 75DB to play.

I thought the Easter Gyrosphere with the Dodos was the best bang for my dinobucks. All the opponents were herbivores, you just needed to pick the best carnivores. As there is a limited pool of carnivores, I’ ll usually pick the same ones over and over again each time I played it. The main reason why I was inclined to play again was because of the Gastornis or Kelenken they were giving out as the prize at the end. I was grinding it over and over again so I could get 8 of each lol.

I was playing with trades this morning.

I put in 2 rares for DB and got 20DB. (It was a waste of a trade, but I was looking into what might happen.)

I put in a tournament dino for DB and it offered me 50DB and said that was the max at the bottom and Fidelity members got 100% more. (No, I didn’t take it, another wasted trade.)

What kind of data do we have on dino to DB trades and any “rules” like this? (Now I wish I had a screen shot of it.)