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2 new superhybrids!

I got 2 new superhybrids in jwa.


And majundaboa


Nice sarco. Keep investing in that as it’s probably the second best epic hybrid and most certainly a late-game creature. Majungaboa is ok, but it’s not something to prioritize over sarco

Hmm, I would say third. Lasmus is dominating this update. Shield, lots of armor, same maxima attack and speed stats, two rampages and an impact.

Nice job. Only a few more epic superhybrids to go. One is diplos hybrids and something else. Then you can start getting dinos to 15 and unlocking legendaries. Easiest are dracorat, indy, allosino, and monolometradon.

Brontolasmus is good, but not as good as sarco or thylac

ok, thyla is def best.

Then you have sarco, which has a beast moveset and was the best in the epic skill tournament