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2 of us looking for a active alliance


Trying to find a very active alliance and that communicates. Preferable close to full. Both of us play though out the day every day.

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Sent you a message


My alliance is always looking for new members, message @tori_baugh if you both are interested. :slight_smile:


I mean we aren’t close to full but hoping to find people n spread the word. Just about all of us are on multiple times a day


If you still have spots open,where are you located approximately? Trying to find the same thing but ideally with others from same-ish time zone… wish were could search alliances by location x.x lol


Most of us are in the eastern US, one in central US, and one in South America as far as I’m aware. Most of us are on around the same time though. :slight_smile:

@Wilshire1966, Argentina, right?

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Yeah! But with just 1 hour or 2 of difference, so we’re pretty much always connected at the same times :blush:

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Look up TMNT of Ohio…not exclusive to ohio…but currently we are all in Ohio. We are still small but looking to grow with the right people.


We accept only active players on daily basis foto 3 weeks now. Its place for 2 more. Allaiance Black Diamond


Check out Pittsburgh Apex. We are a US based clan and very active. We have 3 open spots looking for daily players. Also rank does not really matter if you are active. We are looking for daily players that can help out with the alliance rewards and actively donate and request DNA.


Have you guys found an alliance yet? If not what levels are you currently at?


I am not sure if I replied to you. We found a very active alliance if you are still looking.


estamos buscando gente en argentina