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2 players 5k+ looking for an alliance

Hi everyone,

We are 2 players 5k+ looking for an equally good alliance that knows it’s way around the raid missions … we pull our own weights and contribute a lot whether daily missions, tournaments, donations, sanctuaries, etc …
Looking forward :slight_smile:
P.S. : we use Discord :slight_smile:

We have spots available in Get Jurassicked. We have 3/4 raids at :100: completion rate. Looking for a couple more members to do Mortem with. We’re a 10/10 missions group and lvl 9 tournament rewards. Our top 10 members are all 5k. No members below lvl 12. All active on discord. If interested let me know here or apply in game.

@Papi89 I sent you a pm.

Nvm…I see you found a good home! Good luck!