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2 players looking for an alliance



My wife and I are looking for a new alliance. We are active daily and looking to join a group of at least 20 people who are equally as active. We donate to all DNA requests that we can, and are looking for people who will support us in the same way.


If you would like to add me as a friend, I can add you into our alliance! My code is: Zaros #3977.


Sent invite


King of the dinosaurs is a very active group


Please check out XZYalliance. We are 40 strong players at many different levels of play. We started Level 3 of Alliance Missions yesterday afternoon. Active players from Europe and Japan keeps us going 24 hours a day. We donate a lot! Our alliance motto is “This is a game not a job!” I don’t count trophies or make demands, threats, etc. My belief is if players are having fun they will play and be active.


My Clan (Raptor Hunters) follows very closely the stipulations that you adhere yourselves we donate daily, Have a discord chat, and are willing to help at any given moment. Please if you would consider us
If you like my Discord Tag is
Trimelr#2126 We would love to have you join us


We have the group your looking for! We have a few couples in it too! All active and friendly TJC2019


Hi Qwerriop! Our alliance Jurassic Park1 has 3 open spots as of today. We are always looking for active players of any level and we too are generous with DNA requests. No need to join discord to be accepted. We’d love to have you!

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