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2 Players searching for active alliance

Hi there,

we want to delete our own alliance because we have only 3 members but my wife and I are the only ones who are active.

Now we are searching a strong active alliance which needs daily active Players.

We are German But we can also join an International alliance, it doesn’t matter.

My wife is on lvl 11 and has about 1500+ trophies
I’m on lvl 12 and have 2400+ trophies.
I always make the ten takedowns in tourneys.


Crunchcrew could take you. Went through a cleansing, and constantly getting rid of non actives. You play regularly, and do those tournaments, love to have you!
Usually hit 8/7 or so

hello we will be happy to have you. we are a good alliance. if you are interested. My Alliance. MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 #1337

Newraptors is an international alliance that is recruiting active daily players. Rank 9 / 8 weekly. On track for Tier 6 or 7 incubator for June monthly alliance tournament. Looking for active daily players that participate in the weekly tourneys with 10 takedowns. Feel free to send an in game join request to newraptors

We’ve already found an Alliance.