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2 players seeking serious team- filled thanks

Hubby and I looking for a team.
Hes new to the game but consistently active,
I am very active as well with an attk power of 4200. I make all my alpha attacks everyday and grind my way through the game. We can both be very good assets to a team that wants to compete. Please contact me !


Hi there, I run a semi-casual clan called sons of Odin.

Recently we experienced a shake up whereby our strong members left. We are now taking down 3 star alphas. But close to taking down a 4 star. Previously we were fighting 5 star alphas.

We are semi-casual. No need for discord channels. Just typing on the game chat. And you can take a day or two off if needed. Just let us know beforehand :slight_smile:

Hey, @AngeredRaksha i’m in one of the greatest clans: Valhallas Children. Great clan, chat is active, players are nice, we also have a discord server. but right now we’re trying to beat 4* Alphas. so if you could join, yes that would be awesome… and we are a serious team.

Come to “Maple”

Maybe?? Moderdonia.