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2 PSA: common starters, and erl vs vs dilo


Im working on a project and, in typical wroth fashion, i decided after recording over 100 battles to start tracking starters. RIP data from the firet 100 games. Oh well…

Anyway, that’s not why you’re here.

PSA 1: starters (trophy range: 5050-5300 aka rank 400ish to 130ish)

Spino and rinex are pretty much tied starters (spino 28 rinex 27). These are my opponents, not me (I try to always start dilo :smiling_imp: maybe this explains why…)

Indo comes in third at 15.

This is out of 128 tracked games so far. So alter your strats accordingly :slight_smile:

PSA 2: In dilo vs erlidomomus, please dont start rampage. Dont start cloak either. Minimal speedup strike t1, rampage t2. Dead dilo. Easy peasy. I cant tell you how many matches Ive won due to this (actuslly I can, at least since Thursday - 3.)

Anyway, see you in the arena!


can you post your current team here please? i feel that this plays a part in what you face.

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Sure thing:

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Both of you are in my recent opponents list. Please stop helping each other out lol!

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Another tip: If thor was just used to revenge kill something and is at full hp (e.g. indom) - yiur thor needs ti be 3 levels higher to 1 shot it with a crit impact. If its 2 levels higher, it lives.

Conversely that same -2 thor WILL KILL YOU if it crits its rampage.


What’s your ign?


Frank you aren’t there anymore. You’ve moved up and on


I personally think Dilo is a pretty bad lead and save my own Dilorach for late game, or as a revenge killer (feel it is the best late game clean-up dino), but at such a high level as yours, Dilorach can be a pretty solid lead since it outspeeds almost anything!

My personal favourite leads are in this order - Utarinex, Spinotasuchus, Indo, Monostego, Tragod. Rest of my team comprises of Stegodeus, Tryostronix and Dilorach, all of which I hate leading with.

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ah yes Frank lol

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Yeah, its cause of my level I can get away with it. Usually kills or at least sends running whatever i face, then rampages and runs away to revenge kill later.

Plus my rinex is only 25, i see sooooo many at 26-28, its a death sentence to start with it for me. Ditto for my 25 spino and 26 indo (lowest by a mile usually).

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im really sick of spino lol. keep benching it. my favorite starter is still Thor.

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Thor? Good starter? I’ll remember that


Minimal speedup strike on an immune creature is very strong, elirdom actually doesn’t need speed advantage to win a battle in many scenarios.


Favorite starter is rinex, tryko close 2nd. Just always have to worry about spino


Yeah, just gaurantees the dilo dies. Otherwise speed ties.


i pin spinotosuchus then manually swap to indo. spino does swoop and cant run anywhere but still gets priority. why is that?


Spino swoops the dino you are swapping out?


he swoops the dino before but since pinned he stays put. i understand now but i just figured id take priority. lost thst one and many more lol

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Lol sorry my friend.