2 requests a day are Not enough!

Ludia, please please please change that Feature. We Need To Trade more To make some progress.

The spawns are totally messed up btw. Wich makes it even harder for us To Progress i think .


i feel bad asking more then once a day…


for myself, i‘m happy To help anyone out.
And i think it is Fair To ask for more if someone is willing To donate more To other Players.


I’ve asked twice total but have donated numerous times. I can’t imagine needing more than twice a day.


2 Times a day is really s…u…x and with that new worthless spawnmechanic a big throw back…

Isn’t it funny how people complain about something not being enough, but a few days ago we had NOTHING of it? :rofl:


I don’t request irritator and kaprosuchus, seems everybody is looking for these two, and I feel bad asking these from other alliance members.

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I thin rather than twice, just once every three hours so you can’t have more than one request going at the same time.

Our Alliance is teamwork/sharing… we helped each other even kapro, tarbo, irritator, dilo (rare)… name it. I made a good choice :-)! They’re willing to reach out… right @Hersh???


I second this :grinning:

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about ours… everyone is helping push each other forward and it’s beeen totally great!!

Everyone is generous and that’s what makes it work so well :grin:



Did u choose all the member or what?

How the deliberation works?

But soon noone has the dns to trade coz there is only majunga, einio, irri (common) and suchus on map

I know but thats why we keep on hunting… I have been addicted to PoGo before but this one, I have spent bucksssssss… I never use my cc for a game but jwa allows me too :joy::joy::joy:

Twice a day? I always have a 1 Day and 8 hours cool down on my request hahaha

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@Kopas_25 we prioritized people that we knew personally and were friendly, active members and would be a good fit based on their behavior on the forum.

Needless to say, things worked out quite well : )


@Hersh No wonder… Thank u indeed :wink: and to my fellow alliances… Keep it up :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Can I join your alliance? :grin:

I’m finding with a full group of 50 peeps 2 per day, per person, is more then enough.

I dunno twice a day can be a huge amount of DNA like thousands! (goes off creature level I think) 2 times keeps 1 member in alliance from draining all the DNA for certain creatures etc by spamming requests I have requested for rare DNA once I have at lvl 20 and surprised to get almost a level worth in a few hours makes me feel bad to request sought after DNA. The trading isn’t supposed to erase the need to hunt outside your local BTW just gives an extra boost

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