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2 Small suggestions on improving the game

Well, I’m hoping that support will see this and take in consideration for the game. It’s just small ones. 1, I bet they already know

  1. Please, PLEASE increase the amount of dragons we can have in the Roster!
    I have it maxed and am going to start sacrificing my 3 star dragons cause I don’t have any 1 or 2 stars anymore and still more then a dozen dragons I still haven’t unlocked. HECK! I’m afraid to even get main dragons (Meatlug, Barf and Belch, etc) or holiday dragons cause I have no room to keep them (less then 8 open spots). I mean, don’t you think that if you or releasing new dragons and stuff, you should make more room as well?
  2. Again with the roster. Can you make it where it doesn’t reset every time we lv up a dragon and stuff. It’s annoying trying to lv up a Valorous dragon and having to scroll all the way down every time we do anything in the roster.

I hope my suggestions make sense and I hope everyone agrees with this, or have any other suggestions that might help as well.


Thank you for the suggestions, I have forwarded them to our Developers!

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Agreed! I’d love more roster space especially since I’m a collector. Even though I never actually used them, it was a shame that I had to get rid of a fair amount of my 1 and 2 star dragons to free up space for new 4 and 5 star dragons as well as EXP dragons. Soon I will have to sacrifice some 3 stars as well as my collection of strong dragons grows.

Another suggestion I’ve come up with for the roster space issue is the ability to sell dragons for fish or coins instead of feeding them to another dragon. This would help those who have a bunch of maxed out dragons with none to feed as a way to free up their roster. Plus it’s another way to earn fish and coins outside of quests and collecting them from Berk.

If also you want to add this put the event dragons at the very top of the roster and the dragons we claimed at the bottom so I can see which the dragons that needs to be level up for the next event instead of us going down that’s just too much scrolling