2 Speed indicator bugs


Showing my dino being faster even though its not. Start of battle both picked same his higher level. Plus, the whole fight between these two, the marker was acting wonky, sometimes i couldnt even see it

This battle speed indicator was black or grey, might have happened in that first battle because it took me a minute to pick it up.

Who should've gone first?
Is something wrong with speed indicators?
It must have been... A bug
It shows I’m faster
Speed bugs since the new visual update with the priority arrows

Yes, I had similar issues with there either being no speed bar, or like you the lower stegoceratops was marked as being faster when my higher level one was. I’m sure it’ll all be fixed quickly.


my first 2 battles post-update it kept saying my Indominus Rex was faster than monominus :confused:


Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this issue to us. Our support team would like to gather more information to investigate and prevent it from happening again. Reach out to our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key including any screenshots you have on this issue.


I’ll ping off an email to support, but also put screen shot below too of the bug with stegodues.


same here.

Also damage indicator doesnt seem to work anymore when armor is involved @Ned


Entered the battle. Two Kentro face to face. Mine was 12, the opponent’s one 13, so first move had to be to him/her, but, guess what, speed icon decided 'twas me to open battling. Why? Anyone else who experienced this bug?


I keep coming out with a dino that should be faster and the other guy goes first–as in, my 21 stegoceratops comes out against a 19 stegoceratops, and it says he’s faster and he goes first. Am I missing something?

This also keeps happening with other dinos when mine says it’s faster, they go first, and I check and they don’t have any moves that take priority.


this same thing happened to me. my stegodeus is lvl 26 and at the very beginning of the game my opponent started with a lvl 25 and it said their’s was faster. i thought it was a glitch and they’d actually go first, so obviously i used superiority strike. but I WENT FIRST :joy: even though it said they were faster. so obviously my lvl 26 died to a lvl 25 :sob: still won the game 3-1 though :joy:


I had one where my Baryonyx was said to be faster than the other dinosaur but the other dinosaur went first. Ffffff!!! Oh well, Bary still killed the little sailed turd but still.

Also a lower level pyro going before a higher level one! Now THAT I couldn’t win because pyros one shot each other. -.-


This is for reporting bugs only, if you are having trouble making a purchase or need help recovering your account please post in Help & Support here.

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Bug Description:

Area is was found in: Badlands arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Idk
Step 2 - Idk
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: a few times

What type of device are you using: Android phone

Anything else?

It says my baryonyx was faster yet the other guy was going first? This also happened with my level 14 pyro against a level 12 pyro. 12 went before my 14.

The pro had to be a speed bug for sure, this one is either speed or visual…


Baryonx and postimetrodon are the same speed so higher level should go first.
Unfortunately the game normally shows the lower level going first although gets it right for who goes first.
The pyro one suggests it doesn’t always get it correct :disappointed:


Okay then it is a visual bug. It shouldn’t have said mine should’ve gone first. Thank you for explaining. I don’t have a posti.


With the bugs at the mo, it can be worth tapping on the opponent’s dino - you will see their stats and skills, although it will often miss off the delay and cool down info for at least one skill.


Yeah I forget about that, will try to remember.


This is for reporting bugs only, if you are having trouble making a purchase or need help recovering your account please post in Help & Support here.

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Bug Description: Since the visual update on who has priority it has been glitching quite often. I haven’t logged the times it happened but it usually seems to happen when both Dino’s slow each other. The game then displays the priority arrow on my side yet my opponent attacks first with a regular, not instant, attack. It has cost me multiple games where I didn’t swap because I clearly had priority according to the yellow arrows. I’ve also caught it in time multiple times. It seems to be a purely visual bug as the dino who should go first goes first, even if the arrows are on my side.

I have not had it happen the other way around (yet) where the priority arrow was with the enemy while I would strike first.

Area is was found in: Both Badlands and Lockdown

How do you reproduce the bug:
For now it looks to be inconsistent. Happened with multiple different Dino’s, in two different arenas, on two different accounts (my friend encounters the exact same problem).

How often does it happen:
It doesn’t happen every time but more than 10 times since the update atleast. Not every time, but once per two/three games.

type of device are you using:
OnePlus 5