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2 spots open in Grand Theft Lythronax!


TWO spots opening to join the fabled team Grand Theft Lythronax!


  • Hit 5/4 on Weekly Incubators consistently, now 10 weeks in a row!
  • Track trophies and so are all fully active members.
  • Have a Lythronax in our basement.
  • Have players all over the world, you’ll almost never be the only one online. (Majority of team is UK/US)
  • Produce the BEST memes!


  • Are a minimum of Player Lv 15 and have 3250+ trophies.
  • Are a daily player in both darting and PvP (we know 1.7 is an arena disaster but try).
  • Are willing to donate within reason and understand that unlimited Irritator is not something most alliances can do.
  • Are willing to join our FB Alliance page (no other 3rd party social media required).
  • Being chatty a plus, we love the banter!

Players are onboarded on Mondays.


The meme part got me, but no.


We don’t have basements in Cali, will that be a problem? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great Ad!- Good luck on recruitment!


The Pope most be notified at once.


Bumping as we prepare for the new week with a couple spots to fill.


Saw a spot open and put in a request. I’m at level 17 with 4000ish trophies.


Both spots filled now, check back later! If you’d like to be considered for a future spot, feel free to send me a message anyway, thanks!


I am interested …
lvl 15/3600-3700 very active :slight_smile:


2 spots opening Monday!


Hey ! I’m very interesting to join your alliance

I’m active player, motivate to step up. This is my actual profile and activity


I just can’t promise you I’ll chat everyday with members cause my english is not very good (I’m french) and I obviously prefer dart and fight

Hope to see you later

Edit : It don’t appear in my pics that I’m level 19

Edit 2 : I sent you a request


I sent you a pm


I’m also interested, you have another spot? Active player, 4800-5100 trophies, look at my thread I made a few days ago


I’m looking to switch to a more active alliance. Level 16, 3600 trophies. Active every day. Pick me!