2 Strong Arena/Tournament account looking for a new home

I’m looking to bring BOTH of my accounts to a new alliance:
Account 1: Level 20, highest ever arena score of 6009. Avg skill tournament score: 1510 (last 4), Avg advantage tournament score: 1240 (last 4). 5 arena dinos at 30/30
Account 2: Level 19, highest ever arena score was 5039, but this is being built as a tournament account. Avg skill tournament score: 1370 (last 4). Avg advantage tournament score: 1280 (last 4)

I am looking for a 10/10 alliance that achieves Tier 9 in tournaments and has the vast majority of its players active. Ideally one that is in a co-op sanc and can offer 2-3 L20 sancs. Also, an alliance that can clear all the apex raids, and has a system to make sure all members can get through them!

My Dis-coords are: Fort42#2358