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2 suggestions on supply drops

2 suggestions on supply drops:
1. Make the supply rewards showing at once. Many of us spin the supply drops several hundred times a day to max the coins. It’s not exciting at all to see what will come next from supply drops after repeating the same process thousands and thousands of times. Several clicks per supply drop take too much time and cause arthritis.
2. Make the limit of dart inventory to 500. 140 is really low for us JWA addicts. I used to have 40K darts before the dart deal, now only 30K left. Cannot imagine the dates when I will constantly run out of darts since there are 15 minutes for the supply drop reset. It was an unpleasant experience, just like driving in a traffic jam. You spin hundreds of times a day but still run out of darts from time to time. That’s a very unpleasent user experience.