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2 the haters of boosts too.0 ;)

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
I dedicate this Poem
To all those that need a tissue

The day I lost all my boosts
Was halfway through level 24
My boosts got me so high
Knocked everyone that grinded through the floor

I remembered I went home crying
In the forums and showed the world
Piere told me the truth
In 45 languages I curled
I couldn’t understand her
As I wanted to give ludia a swirl

I finally notice the Meta was the same
As it once was before
The boosts wasn’t different
I was just immature
Now I am happy
Give me more boost galore!




Cool poem.

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Rose are red, violets are blue

Your poem is misguided, as such, so are you.

The issue is not what dinos remain,

The issue is loss and the bringing of pain.

Choices were made on the last type of system

Those choices have screwed us and now we all miss 'em.

Some have lost money, devalued at least,

All for the sake of Ludia’s greed feast.

So let people rant, I don’t see them crying,

And if you think the change is good, then we know you are lyin`.

(Don’t take that as being rude Temerity…its a poem, I needed to rhyme. )


Firstly, how did you lose money. YOU LITERALLY GOT WHAT YOU PAID FOR. And then some.

Secondly, it takes only 3k boosts to maximize a dino, where before maximizing wasnt even optimal and it cost 3.1k more. So wheres the greed.

You are salty because the progression is slower and that’s all that happened. Just quit the game and move on


Let’s not forget it’s now easier to add a dino to a team… where before it was a 40 to 50% stat difference. Now it will only be about 4 to 10% stat difference


I don’t mind the new boosts but this poem is fantastic :joy: mad props


People are angry because they simply do not understand what’s going on and refuse to understand exactly what’s happening. This update will be for the better and this is exactly what should have been implemented to begin with

Devaluing was what they did to start. It devalued grinding, it devalued player progression. It devalued the meta and the end game results.


Your answer is already there. Some have lost money, devalued at least. A devaluation means the wealth of a thing is lessened…so wealth is lost. Lost is to lose…so the value of what I paid for is lost. If the value is lost, then I over paid which equates to losing money. Did Ludia rob my bank account, no. But the loss is still there.

Most people never saw maxed dinos, and to get to that point now is only a small amount less. However, the only people that applies to are major whales and people planning to play for years. That is a much smaller percentage of the player base. So the choice is negative for far more than it can be positive.

Lol, I am salty? Ok. I enjoy the game still, I am upset over how the change was implemented. You just seemed confused over what people are angry about and a little misguided on what this all means.

No point in name calling.

Yes, but with the cost of stats now, once you put them on something, you are somewhat stuck with them or you lose half to put them elsewhere. I get your point here though I do think that is a good point. But, it still has a weighty negative side to it.


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I’m not name calling, now am I? I’m pointing out a fact of how some one is acting. I am calling there actions as such a word and not themselves. Which is indeed the truth. Who makes the value of the boosts? Ludia does. The only way we would know boosts are devalued is how the continue to sell boosts. Have they done this? No… so yet another assumption by the community. You are saying things are devalued when they are not. What if they are allowing you to pay for the exact same amount of boosts for the exact same price. How is that devaluing boosts. When you need less boosts to get to the end. At the end of the day it’s the opposite of devalue.

So they gave you the option to redistribute stats… seems like a win to me. They didn’t even have that option before. Now you do.

Devaluing was what they did to start. It devalued grinding, it devalued player progression. It devalued the meta and the end game results.


Now they have devalued decisions I made in the old system and devalued the money I spent.

Money, real world money, is going to anger more people if it is devalued than meta and game mechanics being lessened.

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its not devalued if after the aftermath you are still with more boosts then the other. they can take your dino and nerf it to the ground… its their content and their right. this is a boost nerf.

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I was excited to see that option on the list of what was going to happen. But, the cost of the stats but the loss of 50% is SERIOUSLY devaluing peoples time.

If a +2 stat player needs to change, they lose almost a month of time.

If a +4 stat player needs to change, they lose a few weeks.

Devalued decisions? The decision to open your wallet to pay for boost was your choice not theirs. Yet again it cost half as much to maximize a creature now as it did before. And maximizing is actually optimal… they vastly increased the games mechanics and the value of players money.

Would you rather spend money on 6.1k boosts to max a creature or 3k?


Greater quantity does not offset devaluation…not sure what you mean there.

It literally cost less to get more…

The difference is the scaling. This does not change the value of the boosts. It only changes the stats of ones creatures. The value is the same. You are still spend exactly x amount for x stats.

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Again, most people are not maxing anything…so that is placating to the small top percent, not the typical player.

By decisions, I am not speaking about the decision to pay or not, I am speaking about leveling dinos knowing they could be boosted and passing on other dinos in favor of those. For instance, I leveled secodontosaurus well beyond its hybridization level because boosted, it was a power house. Now, its crap…I do not have the boosts to make that dino good so I lost on what could have more more DNA towards Maximus.