2 Turn Invincibility didn’t work

Bug Description: Quetzorion 2-turn invincibility only lasted 0.5 turn

Area it was found in: battle arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- I had my Quetzorion vs a faster Erlidominus. He attacked me and then I used invincibility, which should avoid the next 2 attacks.
Step 2- he did swap out attack (which my shield stoped) and his own Orion came. Immediately my shield vanished. I hit him, but next turn, as he was faster, he killed me.

Lost 24 trophies. It was supposed to be my new record, I would probably get more than 30, and I was at my highest yet.

How often does it happen: happened once

What type of device are you using: iPhone

(Looks like this was flagged, but I don’t have the slightest idea what is wrong!!!)

Did you get that cleared up?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s working as intended. The first turn that passed was the “Strike” in Strike-and-run, and the second was the SIA. The opponent completed 2 actions.


I think actually it was just edited to category “Bug Reports”… Anyway, they may have done 2 actions, but the way I see it was still a single turn. I didn’t get to attack them even ONCE, and I wasn’t stunned or anything, how can it be 2 turns? I see 1 full turn as “I perform an action and opponent performs an action”, in either order.

And actually my shield was gone even before their Orion came in and performed the side step thing. Wouldn’t make a difference, but at least the animation of the shield going away should be after that.

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I mean… If opponent has counter-attack, does their move count as 2 turn? He attacks, get attacked, counter-attacks, is it 2 turns? The counter attack happens in the SAME turn. As does SI or SO. In my interpretation, when SO, the opponent attacks, SO, attacks again (if SIA), or dodges or whatever he does, and it’s all the same, single turn. Ludia could at least clarify this, if they say it’s 2 turns, fine, but it really sound wrong to me.

Welcome to Jurassic world alive where logic is put to the side


No I don’t think so take for example fast tryko vs slow tryko if not go ID the slow tryko keeps it till next turn, so when it attacks you it does no damage yet it’s counter attack at lea at from my person should do damage since it’s the same “turn”

This game seems to count a swap-out move as two turns (even though the purpose of those moves is to combine the pair into one move).

Sometimes it works with me, sometimes it doesn’t, so my guess is it’s a bug that probably won’t get fixed.


Ah, that’s where the confusion begins. I’ve talked about this very misconception before, but basically, a turn is an action by either player. First it’s the faster creatures’ turn, then the slower ones’. See? 2 turns, where by your logic there would be 1.
We’ve requested Ludia to be more clear on this but, they never reached out, so…

But buffs and debuffs add a new layer to mess.
You see, offensive buffs like attack buffs last based on user turns, while defensive ones last based on opponent turns. DoT is also based on opponent turns.

So suppose in a hypothetical scenario, you used
Shielding Strike, but your opponent did not use a turn, your shield would last until they made a move, died or swapped. You can actually test this out for yourself in the arena, and have a Shielding Strike shield last for two of your attacks, to further demonstrate my point.
If you use Shielding Strike while Decelerated, then the Deceleration runs out meaning you’re faster next turn, this effect happens.

Dying and manually swapping are counted as turns, so is using “end turn” when you’re stunned.

Do you mean the same/similar situation to the OP’s? I’d assume that’s because there was no SIA involved.

This bug has existed since swap-in moves became a thing. Ludia won’t define how a “turn” works and probably won’t ever fix this bug.

There’s no clear evidence that it is a bug, and it’s been brought up so many times that the mods are bound to have seen it by now. Everything points to it being intended.

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can’t confirm intent, can confirm mods have seen and forwarded

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Yes, I’m referring to when SIAs involved. One moment a Rampage ‘n’ Run will work for the full two turns, others it won’t. I use Long Invincibility a lot, so I see a lot of weirdness when it comes to turns.

Then the only way that would make sense is if you used LI directly before R&R in one case, but one turn before in the other cases.

Nope, I normally use it right before R&R. That’s why I believe it’s a glitch.