2 very active player need a new alliance

We’re every day many hours active, and we wish an alliance that have members they active every day , too.

What levels do you have ?

What do you mean ?

Yo, add me on Mayhem#6004, we reach rank 4 on both each week , and im replacing some inactive members as we speak so we can reach rank 5 on explo aswell

Hi, How many members in your alliance?

Same over here…BoneRaptors is the alliance

Full, but gonna kick some slackers :()

50 at the moment…but have to change 3 or 4 players who aren’t active at al

So add me and ill get you in right away

Say me when we come into your alliance , at First you must remove looser

It’s done , add me and ill inv you both :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you have any rules in time of the mission ?

What do you mean?:thinking::thinking:

Ok, a moment please , I will do that

Nope we don’t

We have done and are waiting

Can’t see anything, you sure you added the right tag, you can leave yours to me aswell

Please accept our inquiries

While waiting you can also add me Barry1969#8267

We have find another alliance, thank you very much, best regards ,