2 very active player need a new alliance

If you’re still looking for an alliance, TerribleLizards is recruiting. Add me Dahlia #8836 if you’re interested.

Thank you for your message

Hi Barry, do you have free place at the next beginning of mission ? I will try to play in your alliance , IT’s very difficult to find a good alliance for me, I’m working hart in my alliance , but there are not enough really active members like me .

Done…who is the other player

You are only Rank 3 ??? Thaz is very bad , you need many active players

Karma isn’t it. U last 2 weeks in our alliance. Have your friend join and he doesn’t even last a week and the 2 of you leave on Tuesday when we were already halfway through rank 4 exploration. We have made 5 and 4 every week without you and your friend. Looks like you guys just alliance hop. Anyway, we’re going to make 5 and 5 this week without the two of you. So looks like you’re not as active as you let on. Have fun joining a new alliance when telling them on the forum how bad they are.

I can make a space for you if you’re active and ready to join our discord. We are “Lord’s of Jurassic world” an international alliance and consistently hitting rank 5/4 since the beginning. Message me if you’re interested

I’m sorry , your alliance isn’t my , good bye and best regards

Seriously!! Thanks for the warning lol

If you dare???

Slavery is abolished, you can freely decide , where you want to stay, by your rules , no wonder the people are running away from you

Correct analysis

Tbh we’re looking for stable player. If you’re stable, active and generous then you’re more than welcome to join us and If you’re a jumper as other guy described you then please ignore my post.

Hardly anyone has left this alliance. Why would they it’s been 5 and 4 every week. Yes we follow a game plane for one day until we are in rank 4. So 24 hours. Then everyone has 6 days to do whatever they want. You two thought you were more important than helping the team. It’s ok. Your choice to quit. Now quit on an alliance u say not active. Looks like they only time you are content is when u get your own way. No one player is bigger than an alliance. You dont want to be part of a team than good luck to you.

Wow, you are not afraid if me :-),…I’m very active player , try it with me

Well I hope you’re not a jumper. So I’m taking a leap of faith and accepting your request

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To his credit I will say he is an active player. Pretty sure though your his 5th alliance in 3 weeks.

I play this game seit Februar 2019 , I have played 3 month without an alliance , I’m not a jumper, you are only angry , because I have kicked myself

Not angry at all. Like I said we have always been a 5 and 4 alliance. Will be 5 and 5 this week without you. U have been in 4 different alliances just this week.

But anyway the mods said a while back there is like 9000 alliances so you have a long way to go before u go through them all… Good luck to u…

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Isn’t bad, I was just looking for a suitable alliance for me !
Your alliance was my nightmare.
And finally found the right new alliance for me now.