2 Weeks…… misleading…. Under deliver behaviour

This is the limit guys!!! Please help me communicate with the developers on how BAD their service is!!! 2 weeks ago I purchased a Premium pack worth £17.99 and send few emails because I didn’t receive my rewards. Then I wrote here and got a quick response because it was written here. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I was PROMISED getting it sorted out with personal email and yet nothing…it’s is Sad to take money soooooo QUICK but to give rewards that u have paid for takkkkkkkkeeeeee ages !!! Wwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyy!!! It is terrible behaviour and how terrible the customer service is!!! I WANT ANSWER FROM DEVELOPERS NOW!!!
I was Promised it will be there !!!

Please tell me WHY DOES IT TAKE YOU 4 or 5 DAYS TO MANUALLY ADD MY PREMIUM PACK??? Makes no sense….

Why don’t you give packs that people buy and take 4 or 5 days to manually collect money ??? Huh :thinking:

It NOT LIKE THAT IS IT ??? U take money soooo quick but do not deliver the goods :rage::rage: