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[20.03.2020] Ludia Games and COVID-19


Given the current situation with the COVID-19, all of our games will continue to be supported and will remain available and operational for our players. Ludia takes the safety, health, and protection of its employees and communities very seriously, and we have been adjusting game events when possible.

There may also be additional posts (links will be made available as a comment below) explaining how certain games will be adapting in light of these rapidly changing times. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as necessary. Our employees are now all working from home and our games will continue to have the best support possible.

We hope our games can help you in some small way and hope you all stay safe out there.


Jurassic World Alive Communication

The game eats battery power, and we’re stuck at home. Couldn’t battles, at least, be something we could do on our desktop computers?