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200 coins for 10 dna


Spending 200 coins and getting 10 DNA is ridiculous… js

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Welcome to the game!

That’s why players are angry of the boost-system.

Huge work and effort behind all 10s !


HAHAHAHAHAHA - Wait until you start fusing for your Indoraptor, 1000 coins and 2000 raptor DNA (not including the 500’s of raptor you’ll need to create 50 Indominus for 1 fuse)… and yes, you’ll get 10 DNA for it.

Welcome to Jurassic World


Fusing dilora… has been the worse for me by far… seems like every dilourano fuse is 10 and then i do that 5 times… to turn it into 10 dilora…


Lol. Uve experienced nothing yet if that’s all u have to complain about. Stick around a little longer @Bl0ODjunk13_S

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Weren’t you one of the players screaming for a better way to level up Dino’s other than the 10 dna per fuse because of how long and hard you had to invest in it…

Now complaining about boost that level your dino to fast and eazy


This exact thing has happened for me for literally every Indoraptor fuse so far. I started with 53 from an event, and am now up to 123, meaning I’ve spent at the minimum 21,000 Velociraptor DNA, taking into account at least two fusions for 50 Indominus Rex DNA. Not sure what the odds of getting only 10 DNA are, but it feels a bit unfair for how difficult it is to accumulate such massive numbers for uniques.


wait till ya fuse geminititan/magna

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Try fusing Darwin using 200 dna (50 a hit) and getting 10 dna 4x in a row towards your legendary. Made my day :rage: