< 200 Legit Players Between 4500 - 6500 Trophies


I’m at about 4500 trophies and in the top 200. Which means less than 200 people in front of me are actually legit players. That’s 2000 trophies difference. The rest are are un-ranked cheaters.

Why are unranked people involved a ranked tournament? 90% of the people 4500+ probably shouldn’t even be allowed to compete. Gets really old playing half your games against cheaters where you only chance to win would be to spoof yourself.


Nothing that you said here makes sense at all :face_with_monocle:


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learn these and come back and try again


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I think most players know gaps in the trophies didn’t happen before cheaters were made invisible on the scoreboard.

Also know Ludia did this for a word beginning with M.

We know it we aren’t happy about it.


once you’ve mastered the simple concept in the picture above, we can move on to this simple topic…

only legit players can be ranked
there are < 200 people ranked with 4500-6500+ trophies, as i’m top 200 with 4500 trophies
less than 200 people 4500-6500+ are legit
the rest over that 2000+ trophy range are cheaters


Don’t look at me…I am already finding it extremely hard to stay above 4000 and still get some incubators.


if i was struggling, i’d just get over 4000 and stop until the tournament ended so you got the 4000 trophy prize. at any given time at least half of my recent opponents are unranked.

fortunately a lot of spoofers have no idea how to play and you can beat them but you always run into teams with 4 level 25+ uniques and you have no chance.


So you’re saying that there are players at each trophy count "clever"boy? :thinking:

You know there could be only 200 players between 4500 and 6500 trophies and it would still work. You should refer to your own picture for counting. Gap doesn’t mean players between :woman_teacher: plus how do you know players above 6500 because they are not ranked?

In fact you are saying : the non legit are cheaters. Great news we should tell to everyone! Did you count them?


Message me any screenshots you have of unranked players since we can’t post them here


please directly quote where i said that.

if you are legit, you will be ranked if you are inside the top 500. therefore, if I’m top 200 and someone with more trophies than me isn’t ranked, they are an identified cheater. there are less than 200 ranked in front of me, so those are the only legit players above me. and there’s more than 200 people 4500-6500+ because I play them all the time and over half of them aren’t ranked.

it’s amazing when people try to insult you, but actually end up insulting themselves instead :joy: maybe refer to the picture above again…


You’re my favourite, I love it when you argue :sweat_smile:




I am currently ranked 160th. My recent opponents list shows 13 players that have a trophy count higher than 200th place. However, only 1 is without a trophy count (I.e. a cheater).

So, if you are saying that your recent opponents list has 1/2 without a trophy count, then I would say that you are being Owned by Ludia.

That makes me laugh.


I freakn loath spoofers/cheaters. They’re a parasite that just needs to be cut off from the game. I was thinking maybe Ludia is waiting for the refund period with apple/android to expire before banning the heavy spenders…


Why dont we cut to the chase and all say Ludia is the real cheater here. I was at 3984, decided not to up my VIP and slide 400 trophies to mostly “bad luck RNG”, decided to just pay up and poof… RNG leveled out and Im climbing back up… Made me wonder how legit the whole thing is.


Don’t need no 4 lvl 25+ uniques to clean me off. One lvl 25 Stego would do.


This. Just this. I’d really like someone smart to do some investigation around this game’s coding instead of finding ways to hack it. I’m sure there’s a lot of nasty bs under the hood.


Literally 3/6 on my list are banned.