200 Meter for Free & 266 Meter Reach for VIP

COOL! :grin: :+1:

Thank you Ludia!!!


My Kapro hoarding has increased.

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… still not enough :joy:


I can see clear out to next week!

That comes in handy with all the quarantine going on at the moment.

Another great addition by Ludia in a time of need :), thank you @Ludia_Developers

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Okay, I noticed that I had 200 meters after someone joined my Alliance. I actually thought it increased because someone joined, but now that I read this it makes sense. Lol. that’s cool because there are sometimes when some of the incubators were out of my reach and none have spawned where the 150 meters reached.

Omg right? About an hour ago I saw a Brachiosaurus just 10 meters outside my extended range. And I had just gotten in the house from the rain :joy::sob:
I thought I was losing my mind with the increased range. I thought my position changed a little, hahaha.

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