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201 down, 2 to go!

Only Testacornibus and Arctops left!


Same here! Tuoramoloch was the last Unique I unlocked before I get Testacornibus and Arctops.

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I have two left myself. I have Mammolania (50 more to go) and Testacornibus (70/250). I got Arctops through a sanctuary. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish I could find more deer. She been kind of elusive as of late. :deer:

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Congrats. It’s always fun finishing the dex.

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I only have the deer at 11 but when I go a twon or two away, I find it everywhere. I’m in area 2 so it is probably in 1 or 3.

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No it’s a dusk spawn


I’m down to two. Testaco is going really slow being made from an exclusive and the deer being dawn and dusk. Dawn is just getting way to early and I might run across a deer once in a week if I’m lucky. So between FIP’ing the deer and helping between my other and wife’s account, I’m slowly getting there.

I’m waiting for an event for the one I haven’t even seen.
Not Collected

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So far the only zones I found the epic deer in are 1-3. Oddly I haven’t found it yet in zone 4. Maybe she has something against that zone. Lol :wink:

Thank goodness Eucladoceros is a global spawn. :slightly_smiling_face::deer:

You’re making great progress on Testacornibus! My first three fuses were all 10’s. My last one was 40. I know what you mean about the process being very slow. It takes a long time to build up to 200 from the sanctuaries. I always hope to find a deer in the wild to make this easier. Some days I get lucky and other days not so much. I’m hoping that tonight will be a lucky one. :four_leaf_clover: