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2018 Dino buck pack

So I had some excess bucks and decided I would check my card shop to see if there was any good packs. Since I have VIP I could get two 2018 Dino packs for a total of 2500 Dino bucks.Here’s what I got.

  1. 1000 dna

  2. Food

  3. 1000 dna

  4. 1 Klenekin

  5. 520 VIP points

  6. 1000 dna

  7. Food

  8. 1000 dna

  9. Arctodus

  10. 520 VIP points

All in all I spent 2500 bucks for 4000 dna, 2 Tournement ceno dinos, and 1040 VIP points. If you have VIP or fidelity, I’d say this is probably the best pack for bucks in the game.

Pack example

Scroll to the right to show the 32% super rare loser for the prize. Just because you did well twice doesn’t make it a good value for everyone.

And this is coming from a guy sitting on 120K DB.

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It’s actually a 32% chance of a tournement ceno. Which is why it’s value is so good. Not to mention the guaranteed 1000 dna with a high chance of 2000.

Amphicyon, was it not?

What? I’m pretty sure it was only a 3% chance. Becuase I saw a 32% chance of getting arctodus

Sorry, no. Even though Arctodus was 31%, the Super Rare also is a 32%. I checked it just now.

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Ok. I guess I just got lucky then. Still gonna chalk it up as the best offer for bucks in the shop though.

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I opened two just now since I had sufficient DBs. Got a Kelenken and, guess what, the Super Rare. :flushed::joy:


Damn. Well still pretty good value. How much dna did you get?

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Not sure. :sweat_smile::woozy_face:

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:joy:. Well I have too many bucks and would happily trade them for dna. So I intend to buy those packs whenever I can in the future.




Now that’s a good pull!

Maan, you are doing a big mistake just sayin’. :expressionless: When it comes to hatch them tourneys and highend hybrids, you will be begging for those bucks to speed up things. Bucks are one of the most reliable ingame sources and can be used literally for everything but if they aren’t given enough attention, they run out so quick that after you won’t believe how it did happen. Buying those packs is a choice, your game your fun ok but as long as the outcome is so heavily worth it (once they have put a Yudon on the sale for like 20k bucks, yes it was still high but at least for a highend hybrid with useful stats even when it is a single copy. I didn’t btw, won’t), otherwise I would never ever directly give bucks to earn quick DNA or other “possible yet uncertain” assets. They are a thousand ways to earn DNA throughout the game. Daily missions, free packs, tourneys, boss missions (actually made only for this purpose), TH sells, special calendar days and so on… Why do you bother of your well preserved bucks reserve that much, it is a great start to build up some more and feel free to do after. :call_me_hand:

bro chill. I am saving up DNA to get my hybrids and I don’t intend to buy anything until the next 20% sale. So I have no need for bucks. I sold the two tournament hybrids and in total from packs and dinos I made 11k DNA and 1000 VIP points.

I am chill as a resting stone don’t worry, all I am writing those is just to help you and because I see you in excitement for all things to happen at once and fast. This is a place where we help each other, on top of everything. So just sayin’. You can take these for a last comment from me on this topic, nothing more, so you decide what so ever.

For the record, just made my half way up to 1 Mn DNAs, reaching near a hundred on the bucks side, at the same period of time.

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Jeez. Well idk how long it took you to get that much but I make about 1k bucks per day and 10k dna per day. So that’s like 3 years of saving for me​:joy::joy::joy: btw I didn’t mean to be rude

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No problem, we’re good. It took me around 5-6 months at max I think. Starting balance was near to none like 5 or 6 bucks. Then I’ve searched around the forums, found the ways to save it and made it to the amount where I am at now. On the DNA side, like I said, plus I use coins to DNA trades so much popping up thtoughout the day as a primary source, and also the VIP DNA production site helps me out with 2.4k per day. Little but continuous. Also the tourneys and boss missions are my other two main focuses while gathering DNA, mostly in the ones I mentioned earlier.

Ok thanks. My coin production sucks so I can’t do many gold trades. I think maxing out tournement creatures will help my coin.

If you can check in often, Commons and Common hybrids are usually what people use to beef up coin production