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2018 pack, worth it?

I finally was able to save up som DBs (16k, so not that much compared to what some of you have), and I must admit that I was very tempted to try buy a couple of 2018 packs. I never tried it before. Is it worth it? Is it mostly ended up on the low end creatures?

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Out of all the packs offered with bucks it is the most worth it imo, that being said I’ve never bought one of these packs before, but the odds are better than others.


@Subxero11 buys them fairly frequently and seems to enjoy what comes in them.


Gives a lot of tourney legendaries on my side, if you think that’s worth it for 1k db, go ahead.
Keep in mind you can only buy it once, there’s no spam purchasing.


I have bought several, and there are good odds on Arctodus (30% chance). I have also had Kelenken and Nodosaurus.

There is a strong possibility of Megistotherium though, that’s the risk you take.

But better odds than most of the packs.


Check out this thread. If you want to do the leg work scroll through every post where myself or someone else buys the pack and tally up the prizes.

Over the years we have done pretty well and it’s something fun to do from time to time. You will get the worst prize here and there but you get good prizes a lot as well. I’ve received 3 or 4 VIP’s if my memory serves me correctly. Lots of Ice bears, At least 8 on D2’s game alone. I only have only ever received a few ice bears but have got lots of tournament creatures and as I mentioned a few VIPs.

I’ve been meaning to purchase a few of these the last 2 weeks but keep missing them? Can’t remember what day they are.


Ok so the pack is today? Always thought it was during the week, does it change?

I’ll buy 2 or 3 2018 packs today on various accounts and update in the purchased pack thread.