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2019 Character Roster: Birds-eye View

Hey all, Ill be making a string of (hopefully) useful posts for new and older players. I wanted to give a side step to whats normally said. Right now, with the exception of one character, all of our characters come in style pairs.

  1. Tanks:


  1. Crowd Control


  1. Heavy Damage


  1. Glass Cannons


  1. Healer:


In the end, I generally bring Wizard, Cleric, 1x Crowd Control (usually Bard for Dominate and backup heals and poison via intelligent weapon) and either a tank or a glass cannon based on content (generally Barbarian as he can play both roles when geared).

(Funny note: since I started playing months ago, Ive never taken the Wizard out of my lineup, not even a single time. All other heroes have rotated at one point or another)

Cleric is the one that stands out here. Although Bard has -some- healing capability, they can in no way sustain a party versus difficult content nor in pvp. Cleric does NOT yet have a partner for their style. Maybe the Rakshasa coming will be a healer type druid? Who knows but Cleric stands out. he’ is also amazing in pvp when geared proper.

To explain better, crowd control is how you win harder content/harder pvp. You prevent movement, prevent attacks, stun for both, and dominate to change the tides. The Bard and Warlock are primarily for preventing enemy motions and backing up your party to get them in the right positions to win.

Glass cannons are just that, theyre gonna die, but man theyre gonna hurt hopefully your enemy before doing so. Obviously the Thief is in this category, but surprisingly, the Paladin also falls under this roof. I think we all fully expected Paladin to be a tank/healer type.

As far as damage dealing, Wizard and Ranger are the most obvious go to for range damage. Wizard even has an instant no discrimination kill spell. We all know thanks to pvp what the ranger can accomplish - soooo Ill skip that part lol.

Tanks are unique, i nthat both Tommus (Fighter) and Raika (Barbarian) have both defensive AND offensive capability. Tommus most definitely shines in the defensive arena, but if he dies quickly, thats it. Raika has a built in death ward on a legendary passive, making her even more tanky when lucky (which I am usually). Tommus can shoot the entire party’s defense sky high, and Raika can do upward of 10k+ damage when geared right to a single target.

Just a simple little birds eye side step view for those wanting to consider their options. :slight_smile:

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