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2019 will be an interesting year


image Will i get the indo raptor this year?! Probs


Yes, you still have over 275 days to go.

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Hopefully you’ll get less 10s than I did!


Good luck.

I started within a few days of release and it still took me till January to complete my Indoraptor.

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If you dart 5 indoraptor this weekend you will for sure unlock it. Good luck.


2019 is awesome!
This was my trophy count a few weeks ago-


I always suggest my friends to do fusion in batch of 5-10. Doing a single fusion is most likely to result in another 10’s.


SAME . fhdtdtsre

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I know this is a reasonable approach, but I have no patience anytime I hit 2k Raptor DNA! :joy:

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My Raptor is only level 15… I have a long way to go before I can get an Indo but hopefully you achieve your goal.


Me too, I got so many 10’s Indoraptor along the way from level 27 to 28. Everytime I collect 2k raptor, there was angel and devil fighting in my head and you know the devil won. “I can’t be that unlucky, I should get more than 10 DNA this time.” :joy:


Another year, another arena tier. Looking forward to some new and exciting challenges, as well as new dinos and hybrids with the next update!

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