2020 scent strike

As I was heading home I realized that I still needed to do the scent strike. It was tricky to find at first, but eventually I found one.

Screenshot_20201231-175953_JW Alive

So I did the strike with no issues and received this.

Screenshot_20201231-180127_JW Alive

But when I went looking for the scent, it was no where to be found in my collection.

I’m confused. Is the scent labeled as something else? Did I miss an update about it? :thinking:


I do have this in my collection…


Yeah, I think that 2020 scent was just turned into an anniversary scent. I can’t find the 2020 scent in my inventory, all I see is that my anniversary scent went from 1/2 to 2/2. Kinda sad about that since I’d love for there to be a scent labeled as 2020 scent(collectable of sorts), but I can kinda see why. Both 2020 and anniversary scent have the same Guaranteed Spawn thing, only difference is that when looking at the 2020 scent b4 I got it is that it didn’t have the other possible spawns.

2020 scent
Guaranteed spawns label:
9x creatures I believe
Other possible spawns label:
Nothing there, nothing

Anniversary scent
Guaranteed spawns label:
Same 9x creatures
Other possible spawns label:
newly added epics, rares, and commons released between new and old anniversary


After reading this i looked and ya definitely no new scent in collection. Already had 2 anniversary scents so not sure if thats what happened or not.

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Hey DPG members, we have an update here: