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2021 the end

What was your favorite moment and character from this year

For me it was a tie between Fei’s dates and the reunion of Jade and her mc

My favourite character was Dahlia/Rose, and my favourite moment was when she gave birth to the baby for her gay friends. The photo of all 4 of them together is so adorable. :heart_eyes:

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So far, this one was mine

-Tiros Darkmane: I loved his story line and I would love to get fanart of him and my Lovelink MC. I hope they bring him back however I’m not holding out much hope.

-Didier Laurent: I’m behind on his story line but what I love most is he reminds me of the early access cooking book we received in Choices. So I was instantly thrilled when he matched with my MC.

-Makoa ’ Aukai: One of my favorites. I loved every moment of his story line.

-Marco Bottazzi: The entire story is messy but it definitely has soap elements and complex dynamics between the characters. I definitely want to try and write a fanfic and get fanart of the characters featuring my MC.

Idk about a favorite character, though it’s probably Johnathon lol. one of my favorite moments was how they tied Cpt. Muffin with Roy. I thought that was a pretty clever crossover