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2021 wishes for Rise of Berk

As we start a New Year, what are you wishes/wants for the game in 2021?

Mine are:

  • Journeys for all rider dragons
  • More rider dragons (Wingmaidens, Throk, Mala and others)
  • A new legendary (maybe one that can come from the sky? We have a lot of aquatic ones)
  • More story missions/quests

What are yours?


Hi, additional I would like to place more than 170 dragons.


aside from what OP said, more defend berk variety, like viggo or grimmel and enemy dragons, aka drago’s or grimmel’s dragons going up against your own in some cases


Although I’ve already mentioned this in the survey, I’d like more Journeys, specifically for Barf & Belch, Grump, Cloudjumper, Windshear, Sleuther, & Skullcrusher. Also, since there are 10 Riders currently on Berk, it would be nice if there was a total of 10 slots in the Academy. And lastly, a feature where you can trade 1 Collectible for another in the same Collection (for example, 10 Common for 1 Rare).

  1. Less “nag” abrasion.
    I don’t think there’s ever been a time that I was cruising through the game in a hurry to finish an action, and actually stopped and bought a card pack or some other offer because the game stopped me with a screen takeover and advertised something to me. Very few games do this; I wish RoB wouldn’t either (especially the dreaded Double-Nag “Now try this one”… then “Let it go” randomly appearing on half of all Mystery Cards. I check the Offers regularly; THAT’S where I make purchases from. Stop the Nag Abrasion.

  2. Make Defend Berk winnable again. There should be no reason a player suddenly stops winning any matches for months despite “Excellent” odds and high-level dragons being used because of a game update gone wrong. Also, improve Keys rewards to be more in-line with Gauntlets and other activities. The amounts of Runes, Fish and Wood are miniscule for such a difficult sub-game.

  3. Make Wheel odds accurate based on their visual divisions, and NOT affected by the items ON the Wheel. Journey Wheels should be 33.3% per division; the time to RNG prizes on or off the Wheel is during the story when the player makes the choice. Just because a lump of Amber shows up on the Wheel doesn’t mean that division should automatically be weighted 85% chance of the Wheel stopping on it. Fix the Valka Training Wheel bug where the pointer lands on yellow and you still fail training. That’s a bug.

  4. More statues for more dragon species.

  5. Make tokens obtainable for any dragon you own. If you can’t have tokens for that dragon, then don’t offer that dragon. I’ve been sitting on dragons for 9 months now simply because that dragon has been rated a certain level, and I need an ungodly number of trophies to even begin to receive packs with tokens for those dragons. Such a waste.

  6. More islands, and to be able to use more of the “neutral” space on existing lands.

  7. Be able to log into your account and manage your dragon collection on a PC or website. Very clunky to have to scroll through hundreds of dragons on your phone.

  8. Give Dragon Riders triple video plays, or some more incentives to stick around.

  9. Be able to use more dragon species in Brawls/Gauntlets. Way too limited selection right now.


Adding more dragons to Brawls seems nice, but impractical unless they also change the levels of the dragons you fight. Right now, even if they added dragons you want, I’m betting it’ll still take time for them to be at a decent level to take on what you’re fighting now.

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That’d be nice, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. BTW, the Valka training has absolutely nothing to do with the position of the wheel, so yeah, it’d be nice if the randomly chosen end position would be limited to stuff that’s more visually obvious that it’s a failure. (BTW, I’ve also seen the opposite happen, something that looks like a failure is actually a success.) Making the text match the actual odds would be nice, also; I sometimes wonder if it’s even legal to report as “fair” odds that are less than 40%. “Fair” means 50%.

What would you do with more islands? We desperately need to be able to put more dragons on Berk first.

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I’d like a new solo game mode. Gauntlet & Fleet battles are fun, but maybe something fresh.


I am working on the collection for purple death. It would be nice if when each element is complete you could check it off and it would disappear so that would use those resources and you don’t lose them in something else. Kind of a pay-as-you-go instead of all at one time. Thank you, and I hope the rest of 2021 is a great year!


More Islands make no sence without more places for more dragons. Maybe you should spin off the story for resolving this problem. So let explore the children of toothless a new area of Islands. This area is only for dragons Level 150. This gives the possibility for new buildings, new Ressources (Diamonds, milk or beer), new Quests…Players can Switch between both area.

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