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2021 wishes for Rise of Berk

As we start a New Year, what are you wishes/wants for the game in 2021?

Mine are:

  • Journeys for all rider dragons
  • More rider dragons (Wingmaidens, Throk, Mala and others)
  • A new legendary (maybe one that can come from the sky? We have a lot of aquatic ones)
  • More story missions/quests

What are yours?


Hi, additional I would like to place more than 170 dragons.


aside from what OP said, more defend berk variety, like viggo or grimmel and enemy dragons, aka drago’s or grimmel’s dragons going up against your own in some cases


Although I’ve already mentioned this in the survey, I’d like more Journeys, specifically for Barf & Belch, Grump, Cloudjumper, Windshear, Sleuther, & Skullcrusher. Also, since there are 10 Riders currently on Berk, it would be nice if there was a total of 10 slots in the Academy. And lastly, a feature where you can trade 1 Collectible for another in the same Collection (for example, 10 Common for 1 Rare).

  1. Less “nag” abrasion.
    I don’t think there’s ever been a time that I was cruising through the game in a hurry to finish an action, and actually stopped and bought a card pack or some other offer because the game stopped me with a screen takeover and advertised something to me. Very few games do this; I wish RoB wouldn’t either (especially the dreaded Double-Nag “Now try this one”… then “Let it go” randomly appearing on half of all Mystery Cards. I check the Offers regularly; THAT’S where I make purchases from. Stop the Nag Abrasion.

  2. Make Defend Berk winnable again. There should be no reason a player suddenly stops winning any matches for months despite “Excellent” odds and high-level dragons being used because of a game update gone wrong. Also, improve Keys rewards to be more in-line with Gauntlets and other activities. The amounts of Runes, Fish and Wood are miniscule for such a difficult sub-game.

  3. Make Wheel odds accurate based on their visual divisions, and NOT affected by the items ON the Wheel. Journey Wheels should be 33.3% per division; the time to RNG prizes on or off the Wheel is during the story when the player makes the choice. Just because a lump of Amber shows up on the Wheel doesn’t mean that division should automatically be weighted 85% chance of the Wheel stopping on it. Fix the Valka Training Wheel bug where the pointer lands on yellow and you still fail training. That’s a bug.

  4. More statues for more dragon species.

  5. Make tokens obtainable for any dragon you own. If you can’t have tokens for that dragon, then don’t offer that dragon. I’ve been sitting on dragons for 9 months now simply because that dragon has been rated a certain level, and I need an ungodly number of trophies to even begin to receive packs with tokens for those dragons. Such a waste.

  6. More islands, and to be able to use more of the “neutral” space on existing lands.

  7. Be able to log into your account and manage your dragon collection on a PC or website. Very clunky to have to scroll through hundreds of dragons on your phone.

  8. Give Dragon Riders triple video plays, or some more incentives to stick around.

  9. Be able to use more dragon species in Brawls/Gauntlets. Way too limited selection right now.


Adding more dragons to Brawls seems nice, but impractical unless they also change the levels of the dragons you fight. Right now, even if they added dragons you want, I’m betting it’ll still take time for them to be at a decent level to take on what you’re fighting now.


That’d be nice, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. BTW, the Valka training has absolutely nothing to do with the position of the wheel, so yeah, it’d be nice if the randomly chosen end position would be limited to stuff that’s more visually obvious that it’s a failure. (BTW, I’ve also seen the opposite happen, something that looks like a failure is actually a success.) Making the text match the actual odds would be nice, also; I sometimes wonder if it’s even legal to report as “fair” odds that are less than 40%. “Fair” means 50%.

What would you do with more islands? We desperately need to be able to put more dragons on Berk first.

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I’d like a new solo game mode. Gauntlet & Fleet battles are fun, but maybe something fresh.


I am working on the collection for purple death. It would be nice if when each element is complete you could check it off and it would disappear so that would use those resources and you don’t lose them in something else. Kind of a pay-as-you-go instead of all at one time. Thank you, and I hope the rest of 2021 is a great year!


More Islands make no sence without more places for more dragons. Maybe you should spin off the story for resolving this problem. So let explore the children of toothless a new area of Islands. This area is only for dragons Level 150. This gives the possibility for new buildings, new Ressources (Diamonds, milk or beer), new Quests…Players can Switch between both area.

  • Journeys for all rider dragons
  • New statues for last species
  • New premium (some species have no premium dragons!)
  • Maybe new dragons in some collection (some species hasn’t got much collectibles dragons)
  • Rank dragons in academy/valka’s/… the shortest time on the left, the longest time on the right.
  • I don’t play Defend Beurk anymore. I love this mini game, but it is expensive (ok with that) strategic (it is why I love it) but it became impossible !

Thank you for this cool and beautiful game!


First of all I want to say that I love tha game and am a big HTTYD fan. Nonetheless I have a few wishes and ideas to improve the game:

  • Bug fixes, there are still quite a lot of bugs in the game I’d like to have solved.
  • Tribes, the one thing the game lacks is definitely the social interaction in game. I understand that it is hard to make any multiplayer features like traiding for example due to the hackers ruining it, but I feel like a basic Tribe design (like clans you know from other games) just for visiting each others Berks would be a fine start. Therefore I already did a concept edit some months ago on reddit which you find here ( This concept is one of the most upvoted post of all time, which shows that I’m not the only one wanting somthing like that.
  • Premiums for all species, there are quite a lot (around 30 I think) species that don’t have a premium yet, while others have already 2. Furthermore I’d like to see some more dragons of some species which don’t have many different dragons. Some examples would be: Deathgripper, Silkspanner, …
  • Involve the community a bit more, the survey some weeks ago was a good start, but I’d wish to be able to decide more. I remember the gauntlets were the community could choose the dragon reward. Those haven’t appeared for over half a year. There are also some other dragons that haven’t been featured in a while and which the community would love to see again. For example Cloudjumper, Dagur’s Skrill, etc. Furthermore, I’d like some more responses from Ludia’s side to ideas from the community, as an example I can take my Tribe concept which I yet can only assume that Ludia has seen it, but don’t know for certain.
  • Journeys for every rider dragon, also a journey with much amber as reward could be a nice addition
  • Eret’s Boat upgrades, it seems rather useless to upgrade it at a certain point since neither the amount for one polished nor the conversation time decreases. I feel like this should be a thing.
  • Multiplayer Brawl, I know it was changed to bots due to hackers, but playing against those gets boring at som point. Maybe let Multiplayer brawl reappear but with fixed dragon levels, so that hackers won’t break it
  • Defend, also this mode gets rather boring once you reach a certain level and the fleets keep repeating. Some big levels and other enemies like Grimmel could help

I think that are all my wishes for now. If I had to choose one for this year it would definitely be “Tribes” since I’d love to visit my friend’s villages and look at their dragons (which would maybe bring me to buy some of those :wink:) but also the Community Inclusion would be a huge help. Thanks for reading!


Some kind of tribe interface where we can visit our friend’s games would be awesome. More training spots for 1-135 would be helpful, even if that means another academy or allowing Dome academy to train the lower levels. Please incorporate some means of organizing dragons by level. It’s difficult to find which dragons are at a certain level range unless I manually sort them all or stick them all in the hangar.

Please give us premiums for regular species that don’t have premiums yet, like Monstrous Nightmare. Please make character dragons like Cloudjumper available more often. Please make flock packs better. It’s really disappointing to open a pack after completing a difficult pack for only a few hundred runes.

If Eret’s boat upgrades could convert amber faster or more at one time, that would be awesome. If you could remove the FB name display from brawl, that would be nice. Please allow us to buy brawl tokens for specific dragons more easily. My brawl levels are all mis-matched, ranging from 11 to 18.

PLEASE MAKE A MANUAL SAVE FEATURE. Or do something to improve the save feature. Too many people have lost account data because of the weird automatic save feature. I miss the old ad system of watching ads for the last 2 hours. Please bring that back. Please offer dragons that have not been offered in years in odin market or events, rather than repeating dragons in the various markets and events.

I LOVE this game. So the above paragraph is not to gripe. I am very passionate about the game and the above requests would make the game even more fun.


I wish for everything everyone above me wished for. Beep


I would like light fury to be free, and fix the costume of thothless half of his tail is black why doesn’t it covered with thothless’s scales


You do know that half of his tailfin is missing right?
That was the whole starting point of Hiccup, Toothless and the entire dragons on Berk thing after all.


My wish list:

  • Fix the VERY LONGSTANDING bug in brawl where the ‘remove action points’ attacks don’t remove the opponent’s action points.
  • More dragon spots are desperately needed; there is currently way more space than can be filled with dragons.
  • I honestly couldn’t care less about “social” features. In other games I’ve played that have them, they don’t add anything and end up unused. IMNSHO it would be a waste of the developer’s time to implement anything like this; too much work for negligible benefit.
  • PVP is probably not going to happen. At minimum, it would require reintroducing turn timeout, and there would be issues when e.g. one player quits. Again, huge effort for minimal gain.

I’m sorry that you made bad experiences with social features in other games. I myself always liked those clubs/clans etc. especially if the have special features like Club Wars or similar. Haven’t you wanted to visit other players or your friends and check out their layout and dragons. I, myself, hav been wanting this since I started this game many years ago. Furthermore, I think that the reason for new game features should only be to make the game as interesting and as much fun as possible and not be seen as a “time worthy” implentation. Another point would be that a Tribe feature would suit the movie and also be a base for further updates.
PVP however I can understand that it might be not coming back, since it was already there once but got deleted. The hackers are the problem… Therefore a anti cheat system would be nice but I really don’t know how complex and efficient it would be.


Please not another game with clans and clan wars nonsense. I love RoB for the very fact that it is a pure solo game.
There are lots of games with social features out there, RoB really doesn’t need to be yet another one.