2022 predictions

Since we have only one update left coming out sometime late November /December here are things that should come next year

  1. Camp cretaceous season 4 update : since we’re getting season 4 on December 3rd we can probably expect an update that contains all new animals from the show in January. Including ones that are already out like toro and ceratosaurus
  2. Resilient and fierce flocks update : since almost every flock we had was cunning we should get some for the other classes too. My choice would be small ceratopsids like microceratus and psittacosaurus, diictodon, small Archosaurs and crocodiles like Anatosuchus and Eupakeria and early mamals like thrinaxodon, cynognathus and repenomamus
  3. Jurassic world dominion update : since we also got a update for fallen kingdom we can expect an update with creatures from the new movie
  4. Toolbox creatures : all who use toolbox know that they have creatures listed that aren’t in game. Some are in jurassic world the game or are highly requested so they could eventually show up or being transferred
  5. Aquatics : we probably gonna get marine creatures sooner or later. My best guess would be update 3.0 as the next game changer after apexes

We can also change flocks to 3 in pack creatures like velociraptor, brachiosaurus, oviraptor, baryonyx, diplodocus, iguanodon, stegosaurus etc.

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Flocks will probably remain small creatures only


Hmm…, but in reality, these travel in herds or hunt in packs

my guess: the game would be dead then

No it won’t

On the topic of ‘large’ flock creatures, I feel an Ouranosaurus Gen 2 would be a perfect option. This will also relate to CC Season 3 and also give us a break from the usual Cunning flocks - maybe it could be a Resilient Healer? It would have a flock of 2, as seen in the show.

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Large creatures can’t be flocks because they would be too big then


I am expecting something realted to jwe2 maybe coelphicis