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208 Dragon Max

So once again, you have added another species and another special dragon, but have not increased the max number of dragons. We are still at 180, when the total is 208. Even eliminating all 1* dragons, that’s still 172 dragons we need to accomodate, leaving no space for actually hatching eggs and leveling up dragons. That would be fine IF: 1) we didn’t have to have a full 2* team to do the 3rd medium duty run for coins/fish/runes. (The mystery chest option regularly requires 4 2* dragons, in case you’ve forgotten your programming.) 2) We have to have at least one, if not more than one, 3* team in order to get all 3 clones for each new specialty dragon in the 9 days we are allotted (and even then, we have to pay for early access, and it costs no less than 6000 runes.) Please add some space to our limit before you add another dragon!


I also do not understand why there is a limitation in the rooster space at all? Why would it hurt game if players were able to buy as many rooster spaces as they need?


While lately I never had the roster space issue, this is a pain for the players that want 1 of each dragon including the 2 and 1 stars, i do not see why there is a roster space limit, I really dont (just let us buy as many slots as we want)


Yeah. It’s the same for me as well. I’m now only have 3 open spaces in my roster for dragons and I can’t even try to get new ones, or ones to help lv up my dragons (like Shattermaster right now) and I really don’t want to give up my 2 stars now. Mostly because I have them almost all maxed


Unlimited roster space for everyone!!!


Es ist ja schön das neue Drachen kommen - aber wohin mit den neuen Drachen?
Wir brauchen mehr Platz !!!
Trotz Flugclub haben wir keinen Platz mehr !!!
Bitte lasst uns neue Plätze hinzufügen :wink:

It’s nice that new kites are coming - but where to put the new kites?
We need more space !!!
Despite the flight club we don’t have any more space !!!
Please let’s add new places :wink:


Assuming that after the NYS event we are gonna get another seasonal, boom 210 dragons, i wish we could be able to own all dragons in the book at once (even the 1*s) but i gues we are asking for too much, its not like if this is a game about collecting dragons, c’mon ludia just give us more space, we should have at least 250-300 spaces rn, also, we need more team slots!


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