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20Feb2019 Epic Tower: Erliko + Galli


20Feb2019: Erliko + Galli

Source: Reddit below

First round of Sunday strike tower:

This week strike tower wednesday

Thank you for the info I’m planning now

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Thank you , let’s plan this

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Tany has been waiting for an event, should be able to help out.

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I love my lvl 20 tany! I don’t know if she’ll be strong enough against lvl 30 though :pensive:


Stegodeus will be coming out of retirement for the first one. Tanks should do it just fine.


L25 will take gallimus out and need more thought for erliko.


I’ll probably use monostego just in case galli decides to get cute and evasive strike every time. It should evasive and then impact and run, but that’s not always the case.


@Piere87 is right though, tanks might be a good route to go.


Yep. Stegod, Monosteg, and Tenontorex/Stegocera for me, with one of the draco line Wonder Twins as support. I expect this pair to be running every turn possible, so the DSR SIA would be handy if a damaged Galli comes back in below the 2x limit. No chance to re-evade.


1678 so it won’t one shot, but maybe used in combo with something else may work.

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Erliko and galli looks like a bite sized snack to Thor. No plan needed, just going to wing it with some crits, and hope rng works with me :sweat_smile: If all goes as planned, It will be glorious.


Tyranno is a thought too or magna… the more I think about ir the more options come up. This one isn’t that hard.

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I don’t know if someone already posted these on another thread but here’s the stats & skills of each at level 30.


When I read the fleeing creatures theme mynfirst thought was oh nice ourano or erlik could be there. Then I saw the list and was disappointed… but thought whatever seeing erlik as a boss but not in the table is kinda reinforced my original disappointment.


I’m disappointed because of Galli. There have been so many events lately with it, everyone must be drowning in that DNA. Erlik I’m super happy about though!

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There is no erlik as a reward though or gali for that matter though… outside of unlocking the newer dinos… and a potential dg2 as a common there rewards for the strike event arent great. I would have rather they used pachy and maia for the boss but there in the 7 step.


Ohh wait really? Where does it say the rewards? I actually hate when they do that. Whatever you’re fighting should be the dna rewards haha.

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All the single step epic towers have been giving random Epic Incubator. It can contain anything.

Only the larger themed type strike towers give incubators specific to theme/ opponents.


Hmmm… Well, Erlidominus is actually fairly decent for this one if Gallimimus is the opener. Because then you can Speed-up strike into rampage, then cloak and if you don’t get hit, rampage and GG.

If you get hit, Erlikosaurus isn’t particularly hard to finish off.

If Erlick comes first, then probably your best bet is a Diloranosaurus / Diloracheirus into Dracoce-RAT-OP-s. Or anything that can superiority strike into a running move so Touramoloch, hell even an overleveled Parasaurolophus.

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