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20K DNA is limit for Epics, really Ludia?


I found out today that 20K DNA is hard limit for Epics. Have 20K Baryonx and darted one more and stayed at 20K.

Why its just 20K when common is 200K? I was hoping it to be at-least 50K.

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Rare is 50k

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20k barry will get tryo to 40, how much more do you need?


I benched tryo at level 26. Should I try leveling him more? Not using him though now


Wait, there’s actual limits?

How are we ever supposed to get the alliance missions after the first few weeks after everyone taps out dip, eini, etc.?


I think its a great dino, but im not really one to talk about arena or combat as I suck at both lol. Tryo may have droped a notch with Magnas 1.6 buff, but still a good dino imho. I run both and consitantly stay above 5k, but I guess thats pretty average these days.


I’m almost at the limit for Apatosaurus. I intend to level it up slowly and keep it at 200K, just in case I need it. Who know, maybe they will open up the creature levels beyond 30.

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I don’t understand how you can have that much?? I never see bary regardless of “everyone” complaining how common they are. I see maybe one every couple of weeks. My tryo is only 21 and would love bary. Just another example how this game is based off of luck, everything from crits and stuns in battle, to dna in incs, and what spawns around you.


Locals that are not equal, really. I have a L1 near me that I pass through. I have never, since May, seen a Kentro in it and maybe 1 Sino. But I find Bary there a lot. Nearly every pass.

Another L1 near work must be a concavenator breeding farm, but I never see a bary there. Still very rare for the other two. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you travel from time to time e.g. take a bus to the office, you can see Bary frequently. I have almost 8k right now.

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tryostronix is a’ight. a 29 can do 7992 shattering, un-distractable damage.
with trykosaurus the way that it is, can’t really go wrong using it
one shot stegods and tragodists too

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I asked this in another thread last night… with the current spawn mechanics + alliance mission. We are going to hit caps of certain commons in a few weeks/months… and then i would like to know how the mission interact with dinos at max dna.

Will it count as collected dna if your at max… or we going to have to start leveling our commons to be able to contribute to alliance missions… what if we have a lvl 30 common with max dna… we cant even dump the dna so does it become one dino we can no longer dart for mission credit.

@Ned any idea how this will play out in the future.

@quakeur @Idgt902 do you guys have any experience with these interactions currently or know of someone that has?

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I travel 20 miles one way to work every day. That’s not enough travel to see some epics??

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As far as I know the only time you can go over the cap is if it’s purchased DNA. Meaning from incubators that are sped up or purchased in the store. As far as darting or from strike towers, you can not collect once your at max


When maxed on a common and you dart more, it registers on your personal daily missions DNA count. I do not see why it wouldn’t count for Alliance missions also. Onscreen the Dino will still show as 200000/whatever level.


Thanks for the info.

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And yes sorry was rushing and not reading properly. It still counts towards your daily and your alliance missions. No need to lvl once you hit Max on specific dinos

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Yeah thats what i was looking for was someone to confirm it… and again thanks for the information.


Night time


It’s dark when I leave work and until recently was dark when I left in the morning as well. It’s just Ludias craptastic spawn mechanics for rural folk.