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20k LP for Baryonyx pack

Is it worth spending that extra 10k to secure it??

I do not know if anyone can answer you this question.
It depends on what you want. Baryonyx is a possible reward in the 10k package, so you will get it eventually. But if you want it desperately right now…do it.


Baryonyx appears in packs regularly for me, I would rather get 2 VIP dinos for 10K each.

If Baryonyx was a “glass cannon”, it could be a consideration for me - but even still, at a young park age quantity is always better.

(example: Concavenator preferred over Baryonyx)


Yeah I’m definitely in the camp of not spending twice as much to get 10K VIPs, at least not until you are way into the game and have a good collection of all of them (personally I’ve never paid for a 20K pack and have played for over a year). There really aren’t any of them that I don’t use, including all the aquatics and cenos (which make great lineups for daily PvPs and missions, especially at lvl 20 to get the top prize wheel). And if you are a VIP member, just keep enough extra VIP points saved up and wait for the ones you really want to pop up in the TH. That is, IMO a better way to acquire ones that you particularly want (for me that is generally something that is going to fill some hole in my game - Eolambia is my personal favorite as I don’t have any other herbivore glass cannons). But I very rarely did even that for quite some time, as you lose both the additional resources you get in the pack and particularly the LPs that you earn back.

Also agree with @Nestea that Baryonyx is not one of the VIPs I use all that much. There’s others that compliment my game much better.


I agree mostly with the above.

The biggest advantage with the 20k pack is a known reward, and higher resource cards.

Baryonyx is a well balanced 3:1 heath/attack dino. I prefer the harder hitting 2:1 concavenator myself.


I would probably be more likely to get the 20K packs with the better rewards… if there wasn’t a 50-50 chance of getting coins or food for each one. It’s pretty common because of that to get only one decent resource card in these packs, and not unusual to get none. That’s why I prefer using the 11K offers in the TH… it just requires a fair amount of patience!


Thanks guys!

nice to read some inputs from the ‘vets’

im in decision mode whether its worth it or not to get the baryo

Now that I’ve gotten further into the game…I wouldn’t do it for 20k .

I have done it in my earlier days and I’m still happy with that decision.

Factors I used to make my decision:
Is it one of those dinos that you really want?
Are you a VIP?
Will it be helpful to you in your lineup?

I’ve only done 20k packs twice. I really wanted the dino and I never really had the opportunity to get one. Sooo I went for it and I was happy to have it in my park. That’s kinda priceless.

If you’re VIP…you’re going to rack up more VIP points eventually.

Also, the VIP dinos really help with tournaments. See where it will fall in your lineup…if you’ve got a bunch of other carnivores in that range then maybe reconsider.

I’ve got a bunch of them and I use them everyday. I wait till I see them for 11k in the trade harbor and then I snatch em uppp.

Play this game enough and you’ll have an army of these guys in no time.

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Always go with 10k. 2 vip Dino’s is better than 1. I just bought one and I got baryonyx! Cool for me as it will let me make another level 40. If you only plan to hatch Jurassic, then leaving the unwanted creatures in your market could fetch Around 6000 lp. Get you right back to buying another pack.

Just be aware that not hatching the aquatics and cenos could result in missing a Jurassic unlock in a rules tournament. The last opportunity to get a Segnosaurus (needed for making the most powerful herbivore in the game) was in an aquatic tournament…over a YEAR ago. Shortly after was Tupuxuara… in a cenozoic only tournament.

The game always will come back and bite those that excessively focus on only one aspect of it.


I already have 2 orthocanthus but cant hatch them cz their ferocity levels are too high! Ill have to evolve and level up my aquatics first.

Even at level 1?

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Unless if you really want to guarantee Baryonyx, go for it. But I have to admit I’d give out that extra 10k because it would be devastating if you don’t get Bary in the first pack and not to mention there are a bunch of solid gold dinos.

Not sure what their ferocity would be at lvl 1. I have the spreadsheet which shows it at lvls 10-20-30-40

If you click on the name of any creature (desktop at least, not sure it works on mobile devices), there’s an embedded link to the Fandom page. A lot of these pages will have the other levels filled in. Here’s the page for the Orthacanthus (surprised it doesn’t have them all, but it does have the lvl 1):

I used to help with editing these pages with the stats and trivia, etc. but have enough to do working on stuff for the spreadsheet. Good project for someone else to do perhaps. :wink:

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Why not hatch them? Just keep them low and evolve them as needed. You will eventually need monster Dino’s to win some of the Daily aquatic challenges. Unless your saying hatching them will move you into a Higher dally challenge bracket.