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20k VIP Pack Bug?

I have no idea if this is just on my end, wanted to see if maybe getting an Orthacantus was a good idea for me but it seems the game wants to give me a Prestosuchus.


Is there any brave soul who wants to experiment this? I might spend some LPs if it is indeed Prestosuchus.


Something identical happens to people from a facebook group where I am. For his images he bought it and obtained presosuchus. Probably another display bug on the cover of the envelope as it was with the 100K DNA in the lottery. If this is the case, they will probably solve it in a couple of hours

I wouldnt just incase you get an orthacanthus instead, you know what ludias response time is like atm

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I meant if anyone has the LPs, they could experiment.

On my account, it is definitely the aqua, but with a 10% chance…i think you get the aqua


I just checked again and it seems to be fixed, no more Prestosuchus