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20k VIP packs are now worth it

The 20k VIP packs now give 1k buck instead of 500. This makes it worth the same as a 2k pack in terms of bucks.

But since you open more 2k packs,you have higher chance of bucks,while 20k Packs may or may not reward bucks

Hhm, it now has both 10X the amount of both bucks and DNA as the 10K pack does (that’s generally the choice players are looking at, not the 2K packs). But you have a fairly good chance of only getting 1 or even none of either of those cards… as I just did in my latest 10K pack (all 3 cards food) and for most people, the main reason to buy these packs at ALL is for the VIPs, not the DBs and DNA. I am glad I spent way more on 10K packs and have strong aquatic and ceno VIP lineups as a result now… I might consider these if there’s one VIP I particularly wanted to get, but I know from experience that if I am *really" badly wanting to get DBs or DNA from a pack, I am often disappointed so I personally try not to let that factor too much into my decisions.

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I have 7k Loyalty points,close to the Solid Gold Pack.


Wasted 10k LPs on an Apatosaurus. Literally the worst VIP.

Not at all. It is an excellent meat shield and has a very high coin production


It’s attack is just trash tho. Failed to 4 hit something and lost me the game.

If you’re attacking with it, you’re using it wrong


Just goes to show, one player’s trash is another one’s treasure. I seemed to never get apatosaurus in my packs when I was at that stage of the game and it bugged the heck out of me, since as you say, it’s such a fantastic meat shield. I use my lvl 20 and 30’s all the time in tournaments now since even lead-off carnivores seldom are able to 1-hit KO it, and followed by a strong amphi, and carnivore it’s a lineup that almost never loses for me.

There are very rare cases where I may need it to make an attack, but those are few and far between. It is fun though to see it take out a weak pterosaur though… and I’ve had maybe a couple of battles where it ended up taking out all 3 of the AI opponents (with some swapping around to get it enough attack points). So it certainly is possible… but definitely NOT what its intended use is.

It’s a good idea to not be too invested in a particular method of playing, the most successful players are going to learn to adjust to what the game gives them. As I needed to do when I kept getting so many pteros out of my 10K packs, which don’t help much if you like a herbivore-amphi-carnivore lineup. So I had to learn to get good as well at ptero-carni-ptero and carni-ptero-carni lineups as well, and more recently have been doing amphi-carni-ptero etc. lineups due to all the metria and gorgo hybrids I’ve been adding. Being comfortable with different styles of lineups in tournaments allows me to really stretch to the max how many battles I can do with what I’ve collected in the game.


Yes alwas put the Apato in first position if available. Even got a 20k pack with it because I like it so much.


It’s currently my highest attacking herbivore…

I understand the fact that it’s supposed to be a meat shield for getting reserves. However, my other dinosaurs are completely out of its league. Aside from the Mastodonsaurus, my best dinosaur after the Apatosaurus is a level 20 Postosuchus. Currently I’m just looking for high damagers such as Pterodactlys and Concavenator. Do not need another good amphibian and I’m in need of carnivores.

Well, you missed the 20K LP Concavenator pack.

You could just buy a bunch of T-Rex to make up your missing carnivores. They are pretty good for their DNA cost, also leads into I-Rex and Indo as well.

sigh…unfortunately im only park level 41 after my level 60+ account got disabled by facebook.

As I always like to say, this game rewards patience. There’s no fast track to progress faster, or to get specific creatures you want other than paying money. That’s the whole economy of a freemium game. I’m not a naturally patient person either but I listened to the advice the more experienced players gave in terms of what to do when I was starting out, and have never had cause to regret it. And I’ve often found that creatures I least wanted to get, tended to be ones that players further along cherished.


Wondering if this is temporary. The 35K packs are still 100DBs.

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@Mary_Jo I used to use the same herbivore (meat shield),amphibian(Balanced), carnivore(generally a carnivore sweeper) all the time. But now I have started to use 2 creature of the same type and another that counters their weakness. Let me give you an example, I can run my first creature and last creature as carnivore,and a Pterosaur in between,this is because my carnivores are countered by amphibians and my Pterosaur is countered by a Herbivore,so my carnivores counter the herbivores which threaten my Pterosaur. The pterosaur counters the amphibians.

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Well,trust me, most of the creatures in the game are carnivores,surprised to see somebody fall short of them,currently you can purchase a bunch of super rare carnivores.

His account is not yet level 54,so he cannot purchase t Rex.

I absolutely love the cross-class strategy. My Jurassic PVPs almost exclusively use thus technique