24 hour incubator.... Uhh?

so why is there no stigy DNA in the 24 hour incubators? Little annoying to wait the 24 hours thinking I’d get a little bit of DNA when o didn’t, and I could have opened 3, 8 hours incubators in that time.

I think this must be the first post ever NOT complaining about about getting stygi😂
The 24hr incubator is not limited to arena dinos it is basically an epic incubator from the store


Without a doubt, it is :joy:

I honestly don’t know why people complain about stygi DNA!!! If you know how to utilize your dinos properly then a paramoloch will take you far! It sucks that there was no stygi DNA but I guess I know for next time!

I’m happy to get it since the area I roam is lousy with Paras. I’ve got my head butt engine to 20 now, but my tuojiango is only at 16 and I rarely see them. Dracorex is even more rare ever since something changed a couple of months back. Anyone have advice for getting the huge amounts of rare DNA needed for unique hybrids?

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Whenever my bf goes for rides around in his car I Tag along, and same with my friends. Sometimes I take the bus aimlessly just to achieve these rates, but do this and go around your town into different areas and you’ll be able to level up in no time. Worked for me so I don’t have to waste gas by driving around myself