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24 hour incubitor


Just won my first 24 hour epic incubitor . Nothing more to say really just wanted to put it out three


I didn’t know there was a 24 hour one O.o

Keep us updated on your reward :smiley:



Looking forward to the coins so I can upgrade my dinosaurs cos it’s becoming expensive to upgrade now I’ve been playing for a while


Just got mine too. :slight_smile: Was a nice surprise. Fingers crossed for some great Epic DNA!


Opened mine this morning, got pyroraptor and rajasaurus. Not 100% sure on spelling.


Awesome! I also didn’t know this was a thing totally let us know what y’all get from them!


I am still waiting for that. 2 rare so far. It would be great to know how they are dropping.


Oooooh pretty! Congrats, and thanks for letting us know that can be won! :smiley:


I got a legendary DNA with this one. There is also 12 hour one which doesn’t include epics, but pretty good.


Can it only be awarded in arena 5 or earlier too?


Breakdown of an arena 5 incubator like this I opened the other day.

8.8k coins
176 C Iguanadon
3660 C Ophiacodon
151 R Argentinosaurus
240 R Purrusaurus
83 E Pyrorapter
142 E Koolasuchus

Hope yours comes out better


Those both are great at higher lvls


I got koolasaurus too


So everybody gets koolauchus? That pretty disappointing.



Got that in the 24 hour incubitor. Kinda disappointing


Pyroraptor is one of the best dinosaurs in the game


Didn’t get enough to open it or it would have been good but I’m not moaning I got it all for nothing i just hoped I was going to get more


pyro raptor is great.

epic incubators from battle are very rare. i’ve been playing over a month and i’ve only gotten 2 and one of them was like 10 minutes ago.