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24 hr inc


Should i use it today? If the patch drops soon or would i be better off waiting until then? Is there a reason to wait?


I would wait i got a feeling it would be wednesday we get the update and you never know what new creatures they will put in them after 1.7


They said next weeks Dino lineup is just placeholder. I’d expect update to drop Monday.


I’m expecting it Monday as well based on how they worded their post. I have a 24hr I am holding on to as well. Planning to save an 8hr and start it first this Monday AM and then after update I’ll start the 24 hour.


With Pokemon, the content of an egg is defined when you get it, not when you open it. So, are we 100% sure that opening an incubator now, or much later will change the content? I would not be surprised that whatever is in the incubator is also defined when you get it, not when you open it…
Just saying.


We know with 100% certainty that the contents are not defined when you get the incubator.
What we aren’t so sure about is if the contents are determined when activated, or opened.
I have a 24H and 12H which have been activated and ready to open so we will know for sure come patch day. To play it safe, you are 100% guaranteed new pool if you do not activate it till patch day. (Under current mechanics anyway)


I also have a 24 & 8 that have been activated and ready to open so we will have at least two more to see if contents are decided at activation or opening.


They wouldnt be given us a placeholder week if they knew for sure it would go live monday…

Even their twitter announcement says this event is subject to change when 1.7 goes live.

Not it will change… Its possible it would drop tommorrow… but if they were positive they just wouldnt announce dinos or would announce the event they plan on running and patch before event starts… this kind of preparation means we may be doing a few days of this various event.