24 hr incub switcheroo


So I won a tough battle tonight, my last before moving up to the badlands - and my incub prize screen showed a 24 hr incub. I get back to the battle screen, it does the thing with the coins, and the incub has been transformed into a 15 min one.


Could someone please explain what in heaven’s green hell just happened, because I know I didn’t hallucinate it.

Game turned my 12 hour incubator into 3 hr?

Heaven has a green hell?

Their glitched since the update I think, I had an epic disappear completely yesterday.


Heaven has a green hell. It’s typically called “earth”.


I’ve had mine appear briefly as the red Legendary market incubator when I select them in the battle screen. Definitely glitchy at the moment.


Hey Dalek62771, I’m not sure why that would have happened, but it sounds very strange. Our support team would like to investigate this further, so could you please email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with as much information as you can, and your support key included in the email?